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Phosphor hazard inconclusive tissue paper machine import napkin or security options
Recently, on violet detectors can detect the fluorescence agent to say quickly spread in the network, many women have to buy for their own use to detect whether a sanitary napkin containing a fluorescent agent. In fact, back in 2013, there is a line on the napkin "insider paste" revealed napkin snow white fluorescent whitening agent is added reason, and noted that the substance is carcinogenic, the existence of serious harm  tissue paper machine to women's health . April 2014 "consumer report" Exposure of the top ten brands of sanitary napkins domestic product, were detected transferability optical brighteners.
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Have phosphor harm to humans is inconclusive
Some experts said that unlike most of the chemical composition of the phosphor as easily be broken, but accumulate in the body, the body cells showed variability tends to accumulate in the liver toxicity or other vital organs, will become a potential carcinogen. But from the point of view display relevant information online, at home and abroad do not have enough data and experimental results show that the fluorescent agent on the human body have the exact toxic effects, of health workers have been on toilet paper fluorescent brighteners FWAS (diamino stilbene fluorescent brightener) of phototoxic photosensitive and mutagenicity studies, and the results were negative, meaning that there is no significant carcinogenic effects. The current national standard GB / T 8939-2008 napkin (including sanitary pads) and formaldehyde was not on the napkin and fluorescent whitening agents and other substances to make any provision, and for the phosphor exact toxic effects on humans, domestic and outside there is not enough experimental data support.

Female menstrual health issues can not be ignored
According to World Health Organization report, 90% of women have varying degrees of gynecological diseases, gynecological diseases (63.8%) is due to women during menstruation caused by the use of poor quality sanitary napkins.

Faced with this grim women's health issues, security issues napkin has become the first concern of women. Let's not discuss whether the napkin fluorescent agent would endanger women's health, the manufacturers add fluorescent agent itself, its sole purpose is to make the sanitary napkin looks more clean and white, fluorescent agent added to their sanitary care function without any improvement. From this perspective, tissue paper machinethere is no need to add fluorescent agent, consumers can choose the product does not contain fluorescent agents to avoid risks.