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Part of the small restaurant tissue paper machine instead of napkins recommendations: the best comes towels
  tissue paper machine
  China Cuisine Association released a survey report shows that 40% of food and beverage tissue paper machine, the non-fixed-sourcing, there are some security risks; nearly four restaurants offer dining lack of security paper, and there is security in transport storage and other links risks.
Recently, this reporter visited found that the city's many small restaurants catering paper is on the pounds in the wholesale market, and some even from the toilet paper instead.
Many small restaurants instead of using toilet paper napkin
In the interview, the reporter found that some napkins Quality Hotel used relatively well, but a lot of small restaurants and napkins quality food stalls offered worrying.
Yanshan Road, a nearby restaurant, the reporter to the restaurant owner for a napkin, he took out a packet of transparent packaging out of paper bags. Reporters found that no information on such a transparent bag, also see the words not the manufacturer, production date and shelf life.
Reporters noted that there are such "napkin" on the other table, during diner dining will be drawn to the towel, wipe your mouth.
In the interview, the reporter also found that many small restaurants and food stalls and even use toilet paper instead of napkins, toilet paper and the quality of worrying.
In Yuxin Street, a restaurant, the reporter noted, are placed on each table roll of toilet paper. Compared with the household toilet paper, toilet paper that is smaller, and the paper is rough, diners can use this toilet paper to wipe your mouth or wipe the table.
In Liuyuan Road, a restaurant, also placed on the table each toilet paper, and the use of confetti will fall.
In the interview, the reporter found that many people will use the restaurant's toilet paper. Members of the public Mr. Yan told reporters that he was eating outside food stalls or small restaurants, rarely bring their own towels, toilet paper is generally used them, but few paid attention to the use of this toilet tissue paper machine is safe.