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Paper towels into the meat and potatoes part of the tissue paper machine promotion cheaper than electricity supplier
Today is the "6.18" big promotion day electricity supplier, tissue paper machine  Miss Bai Lingzhang supermarket yesterday found that tissue sections brand promotion has been overwhelming, part of the price than the "6.18" electricity supplier price also cheaper. Industry insiders said, by the impact of the electricity supplier, the major supermarkets to compete for customers, and certainly will keep pace with the introduction of promotions.
tissue paper machine
Yesterday, the reporter visited the city several large supermarket learned that many brands of household paper appeared more substantial price cuts. Some promotional price of only half of the original, and some brand toilet paper and three 10 package prices Package extracted tissue are reduced to 10 yuan.

In the Wal-Mart, posted a lot of tissue area markdowns information, participation in promotions of up to 20 kinds of tissue. In one of the supermarkets, the heart of India, clean soft, Vader and many other brands of household paper have launched special events. "Such a large promotional efforts, have not had a really long time." Supermarkets represent a sales staff.

"Electricity supplier discount is only June 18 a day, tissue paper machineand our activities schedule for at least seven days, some commodity prices more affordable than electricity supplier of." A large supermarket chain responsible person said.