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Paper towel susceptible to tissue paper machine vaginitis after urination
Currently on the market a lot of toilet paper are recycled paper, this top with a large number of bacteria, such as E. coli, H. Luo, Shigella, etc. If women too often these paper towels to clean the vulva, bacteria can easily stay in the vagina and breed, when the bacteria reach a certain number,  tissue paper machine it may lead to vaginitis or genital inflammation, especially in the frequent use of poor quality toilet paper in public places, particularly very hurt .
tissue paper machine
It is recommended that women do not use a public toilet outside, generally poor quality of such tissue, bacteria, especially if they are likely to cause vaginitis. It is worth noting that even the female bag comes with toilet paper, just after opening, are easily contaminated with bacteria. Therefore, storage of toilet paper for a few days, it is best not to wipe the vulva.

Do not wipe urinate frequently changes underwear

Although bacteria toilet paper, but the body itself has a certain degree of self-purification capacity and immunity, even a clean or safe. If you do not wipe toilet paper, how to do it after that urine? Female friend wash underwear daily way to a cleaner, healthier. The most natural ecological cleaning method is nothing at all after urinating, for underwear by diligent way to keep clean, but healthier, cleaner.

Best to use warm water to clean private parts

Ensure private parts cleaning nearby, experts recommend best not to use soap detergent. When the soap, potassium permanganate, salt and other long-term cleaning vulva, can cause acidic environment is destroyed, changed the PH value of the vagina, making flora, decreased local resistance,  tissue paper machine induced gynecological diseases, female genital urethra, vagina all mucous membrane, skin especially soft, and some lotion on genital skin irritation great cause skin edema, resulting in local dry skin, astringent, discomfort and damage local defense capabilities to protect. It is best to use warm water.