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Paper towel and toilet paper tissue paper machine diapers province checks fluorescent agent exceeded 10
Reporter September 28 from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau: Bureau recently the province of toilet paper, paper towel and diaper product quality supervision and spot checks, the results show: a pass rate of 87.5%.

The special checks random samples 85 companies a total of 88 batches,  tissue paper machine according to toilet paper, paper towel, diapers (tablets, pads) produced the relevant national standards, the total number of colonies of bacteria, coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, lateral suction height, softness, tensile index, dust, brightness, can migrate optical brighteners, pH value, permeability and other items were tested, qualified 77 batches, batch pass comprehensive 87.5%.
tissue paper machine
In the sampling results released by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, a total of 10 companies failed, of which there are seven Guiyang, companies are producing paper towel, respectively Kaiyang open the paper products factory, Baiyun District, where a paper products factory , Huaxi Alpha paper factory, Huaxi Liz paper factory, paper products factory in Guiyang Yu Jiao, Nanming District of Guiyang City Fuxiang paper factory, Guizhou Jie Paper Co. Beringer; Zunyi Zunyi City Micro Na paper Co., Zunyi City compliance, Paper Co., Ltd, namely the production out of paper and facial tissue; Qiannan have a business, as Fuquan Yunxi Paper production is towel paper. 10 companies of product failure reasons are sampling results show excessive migration of optical brighteners which may be greater than the migration of fluorescent brightener 20mg / kg.

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Fluorescent brightener is a fluorescent dye, or called white dye, is a complex organic compound, it can stimulate the incident light to produce fluorescence, so that the dye material to achieve similar fluorite glittering effect, the naked eye can see The material is white, to achieve whitening results. Once the fluorescent agent in the human body protein binding, it is difficult to be excreted through normal metabolism. Meanwhile, fluorescent agents will greatly weaken the immune system and wound healing, such as savings in excess in the human body, in addition to the liver and other vital organs causing serious harm, the will to induce cancerous cells, is one of the potential carcinogens. Because fluorescent brighteners have a pathogenic role, and human contact with the paper fluorescent brightener migration occurs,  tissue paper machine it can be migrated over optical brighteners can not appear in the production of paper tissue and maternal and infant food packaging in paper.