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Paper packaging industry major tissue paper machine reshuffle of the worst has come
From the beginning of March, the artificial rise in paper prices and lower layers of the weight of pollution, a large number of paper packaging companies in trouble. Imports and exports continued to slump in the first quarter,  tissue paper machine showing domestic demand and exports are accelerating decline, but some companies cut off the last read to comeback.

Soon, the paper and packaging industry have spread some regional enterprises news of the accident. Southwest's largest cardboard bases Jinshan Xintai Yongchuan company discontinued allegedly because of funding strand breaks, National Packaging former top fifty Anhui Nanfeng Rainbird green packaging and Chaohu Shengda Packaging deep mutual business door, Jiangsu leading packaging companies Yoshiharu group came bankruptcy news, packaging group Changzhou, Jiangsu another era enterprise package for debt lead to land being seized. In addition, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai and other places, there are three large foreign packaging printing enterprises have heard the news of the strike of employees.
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Paper packaging industry is about to boil not go! This is the latest Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta paper packaging industry boss most talked about topic.

Glory is gone

Since 1992, the world's top five hundred foreign companies to seize the Chinese market, Hong Kong and Taiwan have also labor-intensive enterprises to China. 1998 Asian financial crisis, China defeated the Southeast Asian manufacturing, 2002 to join the WTO, the Chinese consumer market in the world opened its doors. China's packaging industry is facing the most brilliant of fifteen years.

Paper packaging industry is undoubtedly the most glorious period in 2002-2007, due to the success scored within the WTO, the status of China's rapid separation of the world's factory, the paper packaging market in a dark blue, limitless. Coupled with extremely low labor costs (salaries plus social security 800 million), a steady stream of orders, the industry's overall net profit more than 50%, color printing and packaging industry even more than 70%. During that period, the factory one day earn a thing of BMW actually commonplace.

1992--2007 years, 15 years, a large number of private entrepreneurs to seize this rare historical opportunity, from scratch, just two years it developed into the billions or even tens of billions of output giant. Jin Jia, CWB, Ya Chang, MYS, tissue paper machineon the peak, Shengda, Yuto, tiger color, Wang Ying, gorgeous and other enterprises is one of the best.

Packaging industry prosperity, it also brings opportunities to change the fate of more than four million employees. Some outstanding business and printing of them in rapid accumulation of life after the pot of gold, embarked on the path of entrepreneurship has become a net worth of hundreds of millions or even billions of entrepreneurs.