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Paper Can a fake paintings firewall tissue paper machine
"Roche has ordered a batch of paper stock together even spread to an area bigger than the football field." Recently, the painter Luo Yuan in his circle of friends to share this micro-channel message, attracting a large number of insiders friend onlookers. In fact, as early as ten years ago, Yang light, Inferior and 方楚雄 ​​and some old professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts will be the first use of personal creation Lingnan painting special rice paper, tissue paper machine causing a large number of young artists to follow suit.
tissue paper machine
In the inland provinces, this trend to rise earlier. Artists keen on the rice paper private custom, both to meet the different artists on the individual needs of art, the other is on the market due to rampant fraud problem.

However, with the development of the times and technology, updated papermaking technology significantly behind the fraud technology upgrade. And fraud in the Group continued the contest, many artists gradually discovered, in order to rely on special paper to set a firewall between the genuine and the fake, become increasingly unrealistic.

Nanfang Daily reporter Feng good book


With the rise of the art market for paper

Luo Yuan in the home, a knife knife rice paper with a clear mark of Roche creative style rolled into a paper tube with a lot of painting and calligraphy collections are neatly placed inside a secret warehouse.

Luo Yuan is five or six years ago, became a star Xuan paper plant private custom service objects. According to a rice paper from Anhui professional dealers said, the so-called private order, is in accordance with a different pen and ink painting and calligraphy in the habit to customize different ratio of raw materials exclusive rice paper, rice paper so the ink absorbency or individually flexibility same, more targeted.

Since ancient times, Chinese painters in different subject matter, Kampf works on paper, the structure, thickness and other characteristics of rice paper patterns and all have different requirements. With the era of technology and art market itself continues to evolve, the artist's creative style, aesthetic habits and collectors are constantly adjustments and changes. Art scene increasingly diverse demand for paper is driving some of the traditional Anhui Xuan paper manufacturers continue to expand and upgrade their product structure. From the market first appeared in special paper painting, calligraphy special paper, special paper and later landscapes, portraits bird special paper and special paper, to different patterns, size, material, thickness paper personality, and ultimately, to individual artists Exclusive paper, rice paper for collection and so on.

"In the market to buy back the common paper, although there are many types, but not always able to pick with their own creative habits coincide." Luo Yuan, told reporters, "Later I heard that the mill can be specifically designed and produced for one person There are individual needs of rice paper, for me, not only provides a convenient, but can be changed before the big small use of waste paper approach. At that time, I set is a large number, but also for a friend with ever use. "

In fact, Luo Yuan of the custom paper for just a general sense. Reporter Wen Shi Guanguo hospital in the central southern branch president, the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts professor Inferior home seen its order of a special paper, the paper also specially printed signature of the artist as an individual shading.

"It appears artists special paper, is the development of the market continues to segment needs." Inferior told reporters, as early as two decades ago, there were professional rice paper dealer to sell him this personal special paper. At that time, manufacturers also can make the artist's signature written with a brush into a pattern printed on rice paper tag along to play a security role.

Inferior deliberately reporter brought up by his study of the chamber, pointing to a few boxes filled with entire corner of the rice paper, told reporters that seeing so well, he had the one happy on the set of a pool of pulp, used to require manufacturers of all his production  tissue paper machine  "Inferior special rice paper." According Inferior know, when purchased together and he had this customized services as well as the famous bird home

Twenty years ago, just a domestic art market continues to open up along with the economic development of the era of sail. When the market reaches a certain size, but also the rise of counterfeiting industry. Had already begun painting collection of investment Collectors Association, vice chairman of the Guangdong Province, Ho Man hair found on rice paper artists interested in Personal Tailor, both to meet the different artists on the art of the individual needs, the other is the edge on market rampant fraud problem.