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Out cleansing wipes with disinfection tissue paper machine efficacy Misunderstanding
Tissue as a user-friendly sanitary products, more and more consumers, especially parents of some infants and young children, accustomed to sterilize tissue as hygiene products for children to use. So, really effective cleaning wipes, sterilizing skin it? Reporter recently interviewed dermatologists learned that regardless of whether sterilization,  tissue paper machine wipes contain a variety of additives are not used frequently, it may induce dermatitis.

Case: towel after towel child gastroenteritis
tissue paper machine
Ms. Gao has been very public attention to children's health issues, children go out to play, she often wipes to children towel, did not think the child has therefore had gastroenteritis.

"National Day travel to other provinces with children, away from home, the children always play very crazy, little hands touch the East West touch, dirty inevitable, and he likes sucking, wash their hands when there are no conditions, tissue becomes a necessity" high Ms. says.

"My child just started teething, often drooling, and he likes sucking, so I put on a long-term wipes close at hand, ready to give him a towel, think that even if he would not be sucking fingers bacteria, but did not think happens is Cawan hand towels residual chemicals on children suffering from gastroenteritis, three days in a row to pull the belly. "he recalled two months before the child was gastroenteritis, Ms. Gao is still a lingering fear.

"Then take the baby to the hospital, the doctor said later try not to use paper towels to baby towels, baby's stomach is a problem, probably because just with a paper towel and then immediately into his mouth to suck, paper towels chemical residues in hand on, the baby sucked his wedding, causing the child's stomach is a problem. "Ms. Gao said that now the children do not have a tissue towel, and go out on a pot of water ready to install specially to the children wash their hands.

Similarly, Ms. Liu, who lives in the city exhibition recently because of the use wipes cause skin infections. Ms Lau said she and her friends recently to Qianlingshan play, noon to prepare dinner, wash your hands because of the limited conditions, to carry on with his daughter wipes wipe his hands and face, and, behold, soon, his face got up a large red rash.

"To the hospital for an examination, the doctor said it was probably because of facial wipes sake." Liu said, came home, he from online inquiry found that some wipes does contain a number of toxic constituents, is likely to cause skin irritation .

Reporters Survey: Most wipes containing propylene glycol

Reporters in the urban areas, a large supermarket to see the wide range of various brands of paper towels, took effect, it had sterilized skin care, baby special, feminine care, a wide variety of products, but also to attract the consumer's attention. Reporter main raw material items on a paper towel to see the different brands, in addition to containing water, non-woven component, also contains propylene glycol, sodium lauryl glucoside chemical composition, but does not indicate the content, or even a dedicated baby wipes are contain propylene glycol.

These tissue despite different brands, different functions, prices are ranging from triple to more than ten dollars, but you can flaunt sterilization minority, there is a brand of paper towels, 宣传强 potent bactericidal 99.9%; there is a paper towel, then propaganda Can Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus bactericidal effect. However, according to the Ministry of Health "disinfection product label instructions Practice" regulations, from May 1, 2006, toilet paper, paper towels and other products packaging no further word mark "sterile", "sterilization," and so on, but actually still a variety of paper towels follow the disinfection and sterilization effect described, and become an important selling point for businesses.

Recently, the CCTV survey found that many wipes contain low toxic substance propylene glycol, long-term damage to the skin using a large, greater harm to children.

Expert: wipes containing propylene glycol not long-term use

In this regard, Guiyang skin disease specialist hospital specialists Zhang said glycol is an easy penetration into the skin of organic dissolving agents, mainly used for moisturizing. From the chemical nature, its low toxicity.

For people with allergies themselves, or some of the original skin diseases and skin damage, wipes clean, easier to worse. Infants use wipes now more common, people think so easy to use and sterilization effect is better, but the infant's skin, the absorption of this chemical substance, many large than normal adults, tissue paper machine  long-term use, there will be adverse effects It occurred. Even wiping food and hand wipes, will also bring some chemicals into the body, there will be a stimulus to the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition to infants and young children and people with allergies and people damaged skin tissue is not suitable for use outside. Healthy people do not recommend long-term use paper towels as disinfection products, dirty hands, face dirty, they may wash their hands with water, wash your face. You can also use ordinary paper towels. Of course, if necessary, use words, is recommended to select some of the big brands tissue, see the ingredient list, choose carefully.