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Napkins or paper towels toilet paper tissue paper machine restaurant three no consequences actually Cazui
When dining out will be used to provide tissue businesses, but many people will feel: these paper towels and paper towels usually buy their own, either feel or texture differences are great. In fact, some businesses provide paper towels should be counted as toilet paper, toilet paper and paper towels have a fundamental difference between the two production processes, the development of quality and hygiene standards are not the same.

Reporters Survey: Bistro "tissue" is cheap toilet paper
tissue paper machine
A large wholesale market in Hefei, a health shop owner, tissue paper machine  having regard to the costs, many stalls, restaurants are cheap to buy the paper back into the tissue box to use as napkins. These tissue of varying quality, high price point, the quality is slightly better, on average more than one a pack or roll. Poor quality, such as bulk, as long as ten dollars a bag.
Reporters were purchased in bulk and bagged toilet paper. Found where sales of so-called napkin packaging only make site the basic production information. According to national standards, there should be producers of sanitary napkins license number on the packaging, storage conditions of the production date, production batch or shelf life and restricted dates.

State regulations: prohibit the use of toilet paper instead of napkins for consumers to use

Country for production processes, quality standards napkins have clearly defined. As early as July 1, 2002, issued by the Ministry of Health "disinfection management approach" clearly states: prohibit the use of toilet paper instead of napkins for consumers to use.

Hefei, Anhui Medical Health Authority Deputy Chief Wang Jiao Chuan Description: napkins appearance must be clean, in line with the inherent traits hygiene products, without thought or foreign matter, the last one is on the skin or mucous membranes must not cause irritation and allergic reactions, and other The damaging effects.
"Three noes" tissue raw material is recycled paper containing fluorescent brighteners

After dinner we went to a small restaurant must prepare their own napkins, or else do not know in the end they used a napkin or toilet paper. That if these substandard napkins for our body what harm?

According to state regulations, toilet paper, allowing the use of recovered paper as raw material, but not for the production of recycled paper napkins and the like. But many mills for the production of convenience,  tissue paper machine often mixed production of toilet paper, napkins, the result may become a common cause of recovered paper toilet paper and napkins of raw materials. Pulp prices are more expensive, some manufacturers will use recycled paper to produce toilet paper. But due to technical requirements more stringent, many manufacturers do not have this technology. So, they will join fluorescent brighteners and other chemicals in production.