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Multi-brand paper towels traced to tissue paper machine unqualified Taiyuan market unaffected
According to CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" report, silver Ya, Shun Qing-rou, Tech and other 10 kinds of brands sample quality does not meet national standards. 18, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets found in Taiyuan, Shanxi, is exposed along the Qing-rou,  tissue paper machine the wind, baby, clean soft towels and other four brands are still selling, not being affected.
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    18, the reporter visited the Taiyuan US special good, Wal-Mart, convenience and Don Jinhu long and a number of convenient supermarkets found CCTV exposure along the Qing-rou, the wind, baby, clean soft other four were in the normal brand of paper towels sales.

    Xinghualing within three wall Luwoerma supermarkets, along Qing-rou, the wind, baby, clean soft other four brands of roll, out of paper, paper towels and then click on the shelves, there are still many customers before to buy. "We did not receive notice under the planes headquarters, manufacturers have not received the relevant notification, it would have been sold." Wal-Mart desk staff said.

    The number of convenience stores in the street, little baby and the breeze two brands of paper towels are still hot. In a long-Tang convenience stores, sells only one kind of brand of baby out of paper. Turning to the quality of paper towels, staff have indicated, we have not received notice under the planes manufacturers and relevant departments.

    CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" report, commissioned by the National Consumers Association in Beijing Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of paper in accordance with relevant national standards, technical specifications samples and product identity microbiological indicators were tested.

    In tissue samples of 30 kinds of checks, silver Ya, Shun Qing-rou,  tissue paper machine Tech, Persian cat, Oscar, IKEA, wind, baby, feather floating, clean soft samples and other 10 kinds of brand quality does not meet national standards, mainly in bacteria Number of overweight, low tensile strength, easily damaged, Quejinshaoliang and ash exceeded.