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Many bacteria rough tissue paper machine toilet paper pick 4 Principles
Recently, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued checks show that across the country there are 588 kinds of tissue products in 50 different standard. Substandard paper that about 10%, mostly excessive bacteria, fluorescent bleach excess or insufficient flexibility. Reported excessive use of fluorescent bleach cause cancer, excessive bacteria can cause infection. Toilet paper and napkins are key partners in our lives,  tissue paper machine  paper product failure, not only increases the chance of disease from the mouth, but also related to the "export" of health. So, how do we choose to qualified toilet paper it? Vice President of the International Food Packaging Association, environmental experts Dong Lion told "Life Times" reporter, consumers must choose supermarkets, stores to buy well-known  brands of toilet paper, which to some extent, guaranteed. The specific selection, should follow the following four principles.
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1. complete sealing, neat appearance. Qualified product packaging firm seal should be complete. Paper should be clean, not rough, there should be no significant damage, hard block, grass reinforcement pulp group and other impurities and residual printing inks. Otherwise, the product is excessive bacteria.

2. Information is complete. State regulations, should be printed on toilet paper packaging production qualified name and production date, grade (class product, first-class products, qualified), using the standard number, health standards and other information execution.

3. can not afford to dust. Gently shake toilet paper, qualified product does not have dust down. As the dust off, it shows fluorescence bleaching agent used in excess.

The paper soft. Petting qualified toilet paper should feel soft and comfortable. In general, most comfortable cotton pulp raw material, followed by wood pulp, wheat straw again.

Buy a qualifying paper products, we must pay attention to use of some details in order beneficial to health. Do not take toilet paper to use as napkins. Napkins are disposable, and toilet paper made from recycled paper more. As with toilet paper napkin, it may be infected with bacteria. Especially when using toilet paper to wipe your mouth, it will increase the chances of disease from the mouth. Ho, director of Fudan University Institute of Respiratory Disease Bailey pointed out that this may inhale harmful dust, fungi, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, will stimulate the respiratory tract, causing enteritis, typhoid, tissue paper machine dysentery and other diseases, and may even carry the hepatitis virus.

Long paper in your pocket is not clean. Many people will be a long time to load paper in his pocket, and even the money together, this paper has a lot of bacteria, even to wipe, may also cause skin irritation, erythema, papules. It can not be used to rub the eyes, otherwise it will make the conjunctiva caused by infection.