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Man raped 70-year-old woman: Police officers tissue paper machine  arrived at the scene found a towel on the pillow
May 1, 2014 at 1:00 pm, 70-year-old lady Liu Moufang is located in Guangzhou Zengcheng Licheng Street on the first floor at home sleeping, no lock. Suddenly I felt someone opened her quilt. Lady picked up the bedside flashlight illuminated a bit and found a young man who tissue paper machine  was climbed into bed, she felt this man a little familiar, like a weekday in front of their own men unloading.
tissue paper machine
"What are you doing to stealing it?" The lady said, he snapped the man, but the other did not answer. The man then its pressure in the body, attempted rape. Lady desperate resistance, but suffer no effort, this time the man with a cloth to her hands tied to the bed, forced to have sex.

Police arrived at the scene found that the pillow towels, bed sides are bundled with rope. By comparing the victims to remain in the body of the Sperm DNA, locking Huangmou Jiang suspected.

Location: by District People's Court

Results: Zengcheng Court found that a plurality of evidence to prove to each other, then the tissue paper machine judgment Huangmou Jiang rape and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. (Zhou Cong seized by Vision)