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Legislator Hsieh fight blue-green tissue paper machine outer toilet grab toilet paper you laugh
Overseas Network June 11, according to Taiwan media reports, former KMT "legislators" Zhang Shuo Wen and the incumbent DPP "legislators" before the fight in a hotel outside the toilets. The media asked Frank Hsieh think Jianguo is  tissue paper machine popular person? Xie outset not know what happened in the media explain, haha ​​laughed, in a fight outside the toilets is toilet paper to grab it? Xie humorous discourse, but also to block access media laughing.
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Zhang Shuo Wen first morning confirmed the incident and said that Jianguo scolded him floating Three Character Classic. Liu Jianguo, who did not show up, but made a brief statement saying he magnanimous politics, no excuses to shirk its responsibility, at a time when nominations for election to the occasion, for Mr. Zhang Shuowen allegations, he was feeling out of control in the five-star hotel, scuffled concerned, none of the true For the fact that the content is not reluctant to dance along with Mr. Zhang said.

The statement pointed out, if Zhang believes he has cursed or bodily harm to Mr. Zhang, welcome Mr. Zhang to the police report, he is definitely fit under investigation incumbent upon it to assume responsibility. He did not want to dance with the opponent, in order to declare its position, I hope the media friends will forgive me.

The media asked Liu Jianguo is this person? Hsieh said, do not know, sometimes people are difficult to predict, and sometimes emotional, but he looks like such a person, is framed for Liu Jianguo said to have been? Xie says, is also possible.

Concerns with media asked to be sad?tissue paper machine Hsieh would not respond, saying only that issues like the Yangtze you rolling.