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Land Rover driver throw throw tissue paper machine cigarette paper towels tachograph shot full
Vehicles traveling on the road, have thrown cigarette butts, cigarette, paper towels, recently, Fuzhou, Mr Li's tachograph at Industrial Road to take this scene. In addition, Mr. Cai near the  tissue paper machine Cangshan Wanda also took the truck driver tossed cigarette. Lee is eligible for 400 yuan reward, Mr Choi is eligible for 300 yuan reward.
tissue paper machine
Sea have reported joint provincial Housing Department, Fuzhou City traffic police detachment launched the "150,000 rewards, invites you to the exposure window Parabolic" series of reports, will continue to readily take to social Solicitation, the contents of a report by the newspapers, will give every single 300 yuan to 2,000 yuan amply rewarded.

Yesterday, Lee provided some Land Rover car windows Parabolic video: at 8:50 on May 5 Xu, Fuzhou industrial road, the Land Rover driver Min AAL789 first throw out cigarette, then bomb ash, smoked cigarettes directly cigarette butts out the window, and then threw out a mass of tissue. Lee said he was just in the car, driving recorder captured the whole process. Reporters learned that the car hanging in Fujian AAL789 China Fujian male marine engineering company name.

Yesterday morning, Mr. Cai micro letter rebellion: May 5, near Jinzhou Road Cangshan Wanda, Min A / V9812 white truck driver lost out first cigarette, then threw cigarette butts, printed "Fuzhou Jia Jun Trade on the door word Limited ". Yesterday, Min A / V9812 owners admit parabolic window, saying that he would no longer littering.

In addition, the Fuzhou police detachment exposure windows 
tissue paper machine   parabolic behavior May 11 capture of two high-definition probe: Min Min AT1881 A29D82 and two cars were in front of the Fuzhou Municipal People will break and throw cigarette butts and May Luaboluo hotel.