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Kim Sun 12 Crescent tissue paper machine in Hainan Hongye completed and put into production
  tissue paper machine
  April 2015, Hainan Hongye Ltd. to Kim Sun heavy tissue paper machine (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Purchasing a second batch of a complete paper machine last production run. Batch of orders including 12 width 2.8m, the design speed 1800m / min of Crescent Tissue Machine (TM2818), this 12 paper machine from 2013 has to be completed and put into production, the total additional annual capacity of 300,000 tons.
July 2008, the first delivery of Secretary of Hainan Hongye six Crescent Tissue Machine (TM2814), width of 2.8m, a design speed of 1400m / min, a total annual capacity of 120,000 tons.
In addition, Kim Sun-developed width of 5.6 m, speed of 2000m / min of Crescent Tissue Machine (TM5620) is also coming soon. The tissue machine will break the foreign manufacturers to big wide tissue paper machine monopoly, to further enhance the international competitiveness of Kim Sun-tissue machines.