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Jiangsu toilet paper tissue paper machine towel over 2 percent failure
Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision issued "2015 toilet paper, paper towel supervision (risk monitoring) quality analysis", the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau in the production of a total sample of 55 enterprises in the province's cities 90 batches of products in circulation ( commercial and business platform selling products, the same below) sampling and monitoring the province's 19 store sales of 59 batches of product sales and 8 appliance business platform of 49 batches of products,   tissue paper machine  covering the market mainstream brands and large, Small various related production and processing enterprises. 157 batches of qualified, a pass rate of 79.3%.

Toilet paper, paper towel main problem is the presence of bacteria in the total number of colonies of some products, you can migrate optical brighteners, softness, horizontal suction height, dust degree, longitudinal wet tensile strength and transverse tensile index and other indicators of failure. Risk monitoring showed that some of the filler is added a large number of tissue products in the production process.
tissue paper machine
Toilet paper and paper towel to wipe clean sanitary paper. People's daily life with the toilet paper into rolls, paper plate, flat cutter and removable toilet paper and the like. Paper towel into paper towel, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs. Determined the current market mainstream brands of India, Vader, the wind, the only Jie Ya, Barbara, clean soft, Kleenex, Jie Yun, really soft, Depot, Mayflower, thinking Claudel, Tralin color, beauty lamps, Jie Tong, Nepia, Lamps, lotus, clean with like. Jiangsu is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta region, the higher the level of production and consumption of toilet paper and paper towel. According to statistics, in 2013 the total output of 7.95 million tons of toilet paper and paper towel. Among them, Jiangsu 1.02 million tons, accounting for 13% of national output. Currently, related production and processing enterprises in Jiangsu Province about 100, of which, about 15% of the paper companies, about 85% of paper products processing enterprises.

Quality experts advise, toilet paper and paper towel is essential to people's daily lives hygiene supplies, and now various brands of toilet paper and paper towel product range, consumers in the purchase using a major should note the following:

First, choose packaging intact, storage sanitation conditions are good, the product easy to secondary pollution of formal channels.

Second, pay attention to product identification in the implementation of standards and grades. The same superior product quality standards generally highest, lowest qualified product quality, of course, there is a height corresponding price.

Third, do not easily buy not mark the production date and shelf life or expiration date, does not indicate in detail the site of the product.

Fourth, the better-known brands of product quality and stability, but the price will usually be higher. It should be noted carefully identify fake brand-name products, the packaging should be difficult to identify the name of the company to see whether a consistent and well-known brands.

Five is the number of correct identification of the packaging. Should see the size clearly marked on the package, the number of sections, the number of sheets, pumping number, number of pieces, number of groups, the number of layers and quality of information, do not be bulging packaging (embossed or wrinkled heavier products will packaging make it bulging, but the number is not necessarily more) or "400", "420 fine" and other vague labels (the figures here do not necessarily represent the exact number) confused.

Six is ​​out of the "whiter the more health" consumer misunderstanding. The same raw materials, toilet paper, paper towel whiteness and health indicators are not necessarily linked. Some companies cater to consumers, excessive addition of fluorescent brighteners improve the whiteness, such a product seemingly unnaturally white, not soft tone, with the possibility for users of health hazard, not the more white the more health.

Seven is out of the "weight of the flower products," the consumer misunderstanding. There are a number of rolls of toilet, flat-cut embossed paper and embossed napkins too heavy too deep, clear fiber damage, product performance was severely affected. But such products packaging looks very drum, it is quantity, good sales market. Consumers should be rational to buy such products, heavy embossed and bulging packaging does not mean that much quantity, but may imply a drop in performance should be out of the "weight of the flower products," the consumer misunderstanding.

Eight is by looking, touching, pulling distinguish good or bad quality. High-quality toilet paper and paper towel looks soft and natural hues, clean paper, do not see the holes, delicate and soft, good uniformity, can not afford to powder, hair loss, hand gently pull strength is good. Poor-quality toilet paper and paper towel surface faded, there is obviously incomplete, damaged, sand, hard block, grass reinforcement, students groups, and other paper pulp disease and impurities, paper dust and gray and black holes are more touched there significant hair loss, dusting, even fade phenomenon, gently pull the hand, the intensity difference breakable, paper, wool and paper dust often stick in the hands or face. Excessive fluorescent whitening agent added products and staining the product easy to hide flaws, consumers should buy carefully distinguished. Shen purchase more paper towel paper dust may be mixed with recycled fibers, containing optical brightener migration. Not only poor quality toilet paper and paper towel hygiene effects and poor performance, even give the user harm to human health.

Nine is the difference between the use of toilet paper and paper towel.  tissue paper machine   One main purpose of toilet paper toilet paper, their health indicators and physical quality requirements are lower than paper towel, toilet paper should not be cheaper, especially poor quality toilet paper instead of paper towel used to wipe your mouth, wipe and other cleaning purposes. Second, the paper towel has a higher wet strength requirements, easy to plug the toilet, not use as toilet paper.