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Inferior paper napkin containing fluorescent whitening city tissue paper machine still using a lot of small restaurants
It contains a fluorescent whitening agent small restaurants offer some inferior napkins, long-term use of such a napkin on the human body is very bad. "Recently, the news spread of the Internet caused a lot of people's attention. Poor quality paper napkins really like the Internet that contain fluorescent brighteners? May 19,  tissue paper machine  the reporter conducted a tissue paper machine survey, and do the test with a purple light.

Napkin small restaurant offers different quality
tissue paper machine
Reporter visited the city found more than a dozen small restaurant, a small restaurant napkin There are several. Reporters took a total of three different quality napkins, comparison, napkins and some small restaurants offer quality is better, the poor quality of some napkins provided.
 tissue paper machine
Located in Shanghai Road, a small restaurant, a waiter told reporters, taking into account cost, napkins they give customers is the cheapest, "a large package that ten dollars."

Quality napkins Bay Road, a small restaurant to provide customers better. Restaurant owners say they buy napkins prices higher, spend a little money to buy better quality napkins, it is to let the customer must be assured.

Some small restaurant with a napkin

Only Make packaging

Subsequently, the reporter went to a few stalls selling paper Tianjin Street wholesale market. A female boss said, a lot of barbecue shop, small restaurant in her here to buy toilet paper for use as napkins. Most shops are the most expensive to buy napkins, 15 yuan a pack.

Reporters saw, wholesalers said 15 yuan a pack of napkins, packaging is very simple, the packaging manufacturer's name only. According to national standards, there should be producers of health permit number, storage conditions, production date, batch number, shelf life and restricted the packaging date on a napkin.

Country for production processes, quality standards napkins have clearly defined. As early as July 1, 2002, issued by the Ministry of Health disinfection management approach would clearly forbids the use of toilet paper instead of napkins for consumers to use.

Inferior paper napkin containing fluorescent brighteners

Reporters on the 3 small restaurant to take three different napkins for testing, with the purple light illuminated one of three kinds of napkins, the worst kind of quality napkins irradiation emitted blue light, and relatively good quality two kinds of napkins no blue light appears. Irradiated with violet light emitted blue light, because the paper napkin containing optical brighteners.

Several napkins with CCTV news reporter who purchase, came microbiology laboratory, after 24 hours of bacterial culture, found that some of the "three noes" tissue also the presence of bacteria exceeded. This "three noes" towels for the lips, of which chemicals are easily absorbed locally, will not only cause local irritation to the skin, and may cause local inflammation. The use of inferior paper napkin, it is easy to paper rub toxic substances and bacteria to the mouth, eat into the stomach, long-term use of the various organs of the body are affected.

Consumer Protection Department staff said the City of Industry, napkins packaging only the name and suspected of "three noes" products. People find this product, you can go to the local industry and commerce departments to report or complaint, law enforcement officers will promptly be investigated to determine are "three noes" products, will be punished according to relevant laws and regulations.

Two strokes to identify poor quality paper napkin

Consumer Protection and Industry Bureau said the city staff, to  tissue paper machine  dentify poor quality paper napkin, the most direct way is to see whether there are health permits on tissue packaging.

In addition, it can detect with fire. In general, the  tissue paper machine   poor quality of paper towels will be a lot of smoke when burned with fire, and some even some of the oil spill. If you go to a small restaurant for dinner, not sure tissue stores offer is not qualified, or bring their own as well