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India will build a 60,000 tons of tissue paper making machine project
 As we all know, the Indian pulp and paper industry is becoming the focus of global and domestic cultural paper, paper production and demand rising, however, because habits, economic levels and other reasons, the growth rate of the Indian household paper market is not very fast, per capita consumption of less than 1 kg, and the Health and paper mills and not many new projects.
Recently, the news caused a reporter noted that the Ya Saili India Krishna Paper Company (A.Celli) ordered a speed of 2,000 m / min, width 5.6 meters of high-speed tissue paper making machine, and this machine is the Indian market Europe's first order to produce 60,000 tons of high-speed tissue paper making machine. The machine program and put into operation this year. Can be expected, along with economic development, social progress, household paper industry in India will have a take-off process.
Krishna Paper can be said that China's old friend papermaking equipment business, the company's staff on several occasions over the past few years, the Chinese selection, which has long been ready to be launched 4800/450 kraft paper machine once a Chinese paper equipment business in the eyes of the "big fat ", also caused a vicious competition among enterprises stage, the final bid is Leshan into hair. However, Leshan into bankruptcy so that the project made the time dragged on, it is understood, the project has been transferred to the production of Shandong Changhua.