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Hefei market a wide range of pumping paper 6 strokes teach you to pick tissue paper machine out a good paper towels
1, look at packaging

Regular manufacturers of qualified out of paper, will be marked on the packaging of its implementation of the standard number, production date, shelf life, and the main raw material. Specifically, executed under normal circumstances the standard number of GT / T2008, the shelf life of three years. In addition, the company also noted product number, address, telephone and other useful information on the packaging.

Secondly, out of paper grade standards, many of them high-class product the best, followed by first-class products, qualified second. According to this standard can be used directly to measure the quality of the paper when consumers buy.

Failed out of paper, the implementation of standards,   tissue paper machine  the production date is usually vague, and some do not even have.

2, pay attention to the production of raw materials

Tissue production of raw materials is more complex, there are plant fibers, cotton, wood pulp, waste paper and paper while waiting. Is currently the market virgin pulp paper produced better it is from wood to pulp, directly to the paper, the paper high purity, no mixed other materials.
tissue paper machine
In addition, with native wood pulp and wood pulp two kinds. Raw wood pulp simply is made directly from the plant, without the use of pure pulp, its main materials are reed, bagasse and plant fiber, paper pliability, fiber secrete more delicate; and wood pulp also That may include recycled pulp waste paper pulp may be made from recycled waste paper as raw material pulp, so there will be rough spots and holes.

3, touch feel

Good paper towel containing a high amount of wood pulp, soft and delicate touch after touch to get started, easy to swap powder, hair loss. Not a good tissue, its paper more rigid, relatively loose, easy to swap powder, hair loss, rubbed on the skin and even feel pain.

In addition, if consumers are to work out a strong grainy paper towels, then the paper in lime water containing bleach, it is recommended not to buy, so as not to affect their health.

4, compared with toughness

Good paper towel due to raw material is pure wood pulp, or wood containing high amounts, so long fiber, toughness, expansion force, elastic, not easy to be snapped. Reporters on the scene to do a test, holding a Vader wood pulp and paper, pull hard, I saw the paper has been pulled wrinkled, but did not break. Not a good paper because the wood-containing low purity, fiber is short and thin, it is easy to brittle fracture, a little harder appears breakage.

5, see whiteness

Paper towels is not more white the better. Some manufacturers in order to improve the whiteness of paper, it will add excessive fluorescent whitening agent to remove stubborn dirt quality, let tissue viewed with bright BaiJie new feeling from the packaging. But the opposite is true, the state of whiteness clearly defined tissues, paper towels and other items the standard A whiteness is defined as 85.0% to 90.0%. If the paper whiteness than 90.0%, is not in line with the standard requirements. The use of sub-standard paper towel, light will appear itchy skin, can cause serious skin diseases, and even cancer. Therefore advises consumers not to buy the best Bai, or Fan Qing, the pan-blue light paper.

Normal tissue color should be ivory, natural white. Money Detector made available to the consumer against the paper towel test, where the pan-blue violet light of the paper, usually adding an excess of a fluorescent agent.

6, Observation combustion

Consumers can also be used to test fire a tissue paper is good or bad.   tissue paper machine  Paper is usually added in excess fluorescent agent, with a fire burning its ashes is white or black, and the normal tissue combustion qualified natural gray.

In addition, tissue can also be soaked in water to see how their quality. Good paper towel density, toughness, even if soaked in water, it will not deform loose. The poor quality of the paper towel soaked in water, it is easy to loosen.