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Heads up! Toilet with toilet paper there are false tissue paper machine
People eat every day leave "eating and sleeping," a few things, making money from criminals on the spot, "eating and sleeping," the thing to start with. You know, you go to the toilet with toilet paper there may be fake and shoddy goods! Recently, Xiaoshan successfully seized 687 packets of counterfeit toilet paper local brands.

"We found a shop Linpu trade zone in the sale of fake 'New River' licensing 400 Specter white toilet paper. Uchiura Town Xie village a supermarket also found fake 'New River' brand toilet paper."   tissue paper machine  Not long ago Staff New River Paper Co., a phone call to the relevant department to report school loyalty hundred miscellaneous stores and supermarkets exist new YIJIA selling counterfeit "New River" brand of toilet behavior.
tissue paper machine
Subsequently, the staff, accompanied by the company's personnel identified under were reported to the scene to inspect the two shops. Miscellaneous hundred faithful at the school store, we found the shop in the sale marked the brand-related content of toilet paper 50 pack label, and also found 520 packages of toilet paper in the same home operator. Good benefits in the new supermarket and found toilet paper 117 package for trademark infringement exist. Because the two operations per household involved trademark infringement, so law enforcement officers to take enforcement measures against administrative detention seized toilet paper, and a criminal investigation.

"Even the toilet paper has a fake brand, we buy something really hard to detect ah!" Things came out, consumers have expressed concern: although toilet paper is a small thing, but after all, when used in direct contact with the skin, with more on the body certainly not good. Is there any way to help identify it?

The relevant department staff Weapon: mainly to see color, in general, the color of counterfeit toilet paper but do not. Regular product color is generally dim, there is no use of contaminated material puree etc., and counterfeit products color is white, and illegal vendors in order to reduce costs often add bleach, fluorescent agent substances harmful to human health. In addition, you can also look at the paper, packaging, labeling, number of segments, the weight (in grams) and the like to identify. Regular factory sales of toilet paper, sold separately in each package are available in compliance label products, 
tissue paper machine   and counterfeit products are often only have a whole bag of the package.