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Happy sun without tissue paper machine adding paper towels, paper best baby
Baby come into the world, was first the natural parents care, every little baby like a pure angel, accompanied by their parents happy growing. Young parents are like guardian angels, from food to clothing, everything is carefully selected, just want to give the baby the best.

But you know what? In addition to food and clothing outside, the baby every day use of paper, it is also a great selection of learning. There are many mothers are buying on a paper towel to choose baby soft and delicate like tissue, that only delicate soft tissue can be used to better care of the baby supple skin. But these Baoma who has never thought of, in these seemingly soft and delicate tissue behind, but being hidden danger to your baby's skin has the biggest killer, it is a chemical raw material mainly composed of a variety of paper products additive ! tissue paper machine

In fact, the paper used in the production process additive is already an open secret in the industry, each paper manufacturer will be different degrees of product add dry strength agents, wet strength agents, softening agents and even fluorescent brighteners, because only add these chemicals, we can better improve the paper experience, let the paper more resilient, more tension, after the water can maintain flexibility, but can also increase the touch, so that the paper feels as soft as skin. But the pursuit of these external feel really good? What really harmful to health? The answer is no.

The paper production process to use additives, without exception, chemical products, long-term contact with human skin, there are health risks, and which is used to whiten the fluorescent whitening agents, and even the risk of cancer. While the baby's skin, resistance and antimicrobial capabilities are much lower than in adults, long-term exposure of tissue containing these chemical additives, will cause the baby's skin unimaginable consequences.
tissue paper machine
Sun Paper as a leader in the domestic paper, over the years uphold the concept of environmental protection, efforts to build a green paper environment, launched the world's first happy sun without adding paper towels, the environmental health to an extreme. Happy sun on raw material selection in North American red pine and eucalyptus as raw materials in South America, super-tough and very soft long fibers perfect combination of short fibers, so that there will be a paper towel on the material properties of flexible, happy sun without adding tissue also adopted innovative filament winding (lock) process, with hydrogen bonding between the fibers closer physical style combination of flexibility to achieve the tissue, do not add dry strength agents, wet strength agents, softening agents, tissue paper machine optical brighteners, to consumers bringing a new paper tactile experience.

Pure no added chemical additives shut out, to ensure that the paper free of chemical contamination, environmental and automated packaging pasteurized fundamentally, to avoid secondary pollution by hand and package finishing, happy sun without adding paper towels, is true pure choice.

Happy sun without adding series covering more than category toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs, tissues, etc., but also especially for delicate skin, weak immune infants, introduced a more comfortable baby wipes, paper increased scale, an increase of love and Happy sun embossing, paper is more delicate and smooth on the skin without irritation. Happy sun without adding tissue has passed US FDA food-grade Test, EU AP detection and identification of food-grade and Shanghai Jiaotong University, "without adding" detection and identification of the human body without any harm to the mother to the baby wipe the skin, in full bloom snacks can feel at ease . Happy sun without adding paper towels are now available at Lynx selling, and continue to praise, she is the mother of the most reassuring choice.

Safety security of raw materials, advanced production technology, refused to use chemical additives, happy sun without adding paper towel, leaving the consumer the pure nature, the babies are concerned, without adding a tissue as if their skin is as pure and clean. Happy sun without adding paper towels, baby dedicated to the most pure love.tissue paper machine