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Free tissue paper making machine waste call moral self
For those who go to the toilet, the tissue paper making machine in public toilets to provide free course is a popular thing. Reporters learned that Shanghai relevant departments are considering more than 2,600 seats in the city's sanitation toilets provide toilet paper for free. To this end, the Jingan District has provided a public toilet in the pilot free toilet paper, more than six months the pilot down the length of the toilet roll each time the toilet is used by an average of 1.6 meters. (April 23 "Morning News")

This free toilet paper designed for the convenience of the public, became a surprise civic awareness of the "strip." Casual pull waste, abuse Shoe towels, toilet paper stolen entire volume, so that the citizens of all the "uncivilized" behavior in the free toilet paper "pilot" in the full ugliness. Although this phenomenon is probably not the mainstream, and with the change management has improved, but the shortage thus revealing the civic awareness, but it can not be ignored and the urgent need to enhance social worries.

Based on the "no free lunch under the sun," the cognitive sense, people or the introduction of public toilets in Shanghai provides free toilet paper pilot suffered such an embarrassing situation is not surprising, after all, still a business selling toilet paper products in people's moral standards yet reached against the "free" when the temptation to use free toilet paper inevitably encounter those greedy Zhanxiaopianyi Sungongfeisi "calculations."

Perhaps this uncivilized people will move many suggestions technologies, such as "free" to expand the supply of resources, "saving" the terms of Tips, advancing management, but no widespread promotion of civic virtue, correction effect tissue paper making machine of these measures will be relatively limited and difficult to sustain. Resolve the "convenience", "savings" contradictions and achieve win-win both, must be based on scientific management as to enhance civic awareness nationals.