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Four uncover hidden tissue paper machine carcinogens bathroom
Many modern family hygiene should be very vigilant, because they contain cancer-causing chemicals! Had heard these words how did it? So what carcinogen toilet hidden it?
tissue paper machine
   First, the toilet paper

Man Dr. Gao Si is listed first is that people can not do without toilet paper every day. He said that mostly recycled toilet paper,  tissue paper machine in order to beautify the appearance, most toilet paper added dyes, including fluorescent whitening agent or talc. The color of the white toilet paper, may add more optical brighteners or talc.

These additives containing more benzene compounds; some poor quality toilet paper, also contains formaldehyde, E. coli, hepatitis virus.

These substances may cause long-term contact with the skin, and leukemia.

Second, air freshener

Now a lot of families like to put a box of air freshener in the bathroom, make the environment clean and pleasant. Unexpectedly, these aromas are also chemical compounds, may also induce cancer. Man Dr. Gao Si recommendations bathroom best not to put deodorant, to keep the air fresh, you can often open a window or use an exhaust fan.

Most families use disinfectant and other cleaning supplies, and often placed in the corner of the living room or bathroom. After they evaporate, they tend to accumulate a lot of harmful gases.

When hot water shower in the bathroom, which produces toxic on stronger. Some disinfectant also contains dichlorobenzene, it will stimulate the respiratory tract, the cell mutation induced leukemia, lung cancer.

Third, toothpaste

Gum disease can induce heart disease, heart disease to health risks than smoking and high cholesterol more.

In addition, gum disease also increases the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, diabetes and the like. There are several active ingredients in toothpaste worrying.

Chemicals widely used in toothpaste, "lauryl sulfate" is considered likely to cause gastrointestinal problems and liver toxicity; will make it easier for oral ulcers, risk of oral cancer. Abrasive toothpaste is also thought to hurt the gums, making the gums more vulnerable to abuse.

Fourth, the bathroom plastic rubbish bin at home, but also put a plastic wastebasket. Experts say: put the toilet paper basket will greatly increase the speed of bacteria, making the bathroom into a breeding ground for the virus and the source of infection.

They believe that the general paper items can be thrown into the toilet flushed with water; tissue paper machine  hygiene products that are difficult to wash off, can bring their own bags to facilitate, to bring out the toilet trash, so that both the bathroom clean and reduce pollution , it does not need in the toilet placed in the trash.