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For a pack of paper towels temporary tissue paper machine workers will pinch into the intensive care unit nurse
Because there is no paper towels for the sick, gold Dongyang Hengdian 25-year-old hospital nurse patient's friend Liu was choking hands revenge, finally injury into the ICU (intensive care unit). Zhejiang Online reporter learned pinch Liu's tissue paper machine  injury is a crew of temporary staff, he has been detained by the security police.

A packet of tissues caused by the "massacre"
tissue paper machine
May 29 about 3:00 am, near the Hengdian World Studios Hengdian hospital emergency room for an asthma attack, a female patient, also accompanied her on several men.

Liu is a nurse on duty that night. According to her memories, after the female patient was sent to a number of incoming flow of saliva, her friends have a man surnamed Zhao ask for paper towels, she said that female patients to wipe her face.

"I did not have a tissue pocket, said, 'Well you're not open the car, the car go to see'." Liu said, who knows Zhao heard this on the spot freak, loudly accusing her of not ethics.

The scene of many patients and their families quickly stepped forward to persuade someone to Zhao also took tissue. But Zhao did not buy it, continue to Liu shouted, and even to get involved, to be opened after the emotions of others is still very excited.

Liu said he was scared at this parade, I thought to leave or take a hike. Before her out of the emergency room, he was grabbed Zhao. "He used his hands tightly grabbed my neck, I could not breathe."

In the end, Liu because laryngeal edema, ischemic, anoxic encephalopathy, lived three days in the ICU, and transferred to a medical ward for further treatment. Although the injury started to improve, but Liu's mental suffered a huge blow. She told tissue paper machine  reporters that Zhao had been taken away by the police, but so far, she did not see any representative of one of the crew or the parties to apologize to her.