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Dongguan factory boss Tanzania to sell a paper towel to open tissue paper machine the language barrier gesturing training black
Rumbling factory, from Dongguan to the competent Huangdan between machines and black workers to rotate. Demonstration plastic boxes several times after the operation, these new tactics of the workers or did not learn in Tanzania, his temper broke out: "stupid!" "They're not stupid, slow" boss "happy" serious corrected!. Preparatory work hard for six months, and finally from Dongguan equipment shipped to Tanzania, "happy" tissue factory started. But let's not worry about the boss in Dongguan market, but employees: how to make the Chinese authorities to adapt the language barrier is always half a beat slower African workers? But also how to make African workers to keep up with faster and faster machines?

Equity Incentive

Bosses to ensure that employees can have a certain stake, "is to think he can feel at ease in Africa stay down."

"The towels sold there are human beings place" - "happy" laptop opened, a line of eye-catching red characters appear on the screen. The 44-year-old Hunan tissue processing business in Dongguan to do for more than 10 years, after processing of all kinds of living tissue are exported to the US, Europe and Japan. Since 2007, after cooperation with the African ENTREPRENEUR Guodong Jian, also sold his towel Tanzania.

In the "happy" It seems underdeveloped infrastructure in Africa, logistics and information lag, "with twenty or thirty years ago, like China." In 1997, he married, in the country to spend 14,000 yuan to buy Changhong TV; now, the domestic a slim TV just a few thousand dollars. Africa also experienced such a development, "Zaichi point in the past is gone dividend of market development, we are to make this wave of money." Late last year, he began working tissue size of equipment destined for Africa.

However, the equipment is easy to transport in the past, to send technical staff to manage the factory in Africa, it has become a problem. The Dongguan boss in tissue processing plant Jiang asked around, most of the employees are frowning: "Do not fight it so poor?." His last thought was of equity incentives.

After the decision to build factories in Africa, "happy" and Chinese businessmen Guodong Jian Tanzania Africa has been established with the new company. Born in 1988, employees of small Huo familiar with the local market, they became actively seek partners. Small Hall just out work funded much, bosses lowered the registered capital of the company, to ensure that small Huo can have a certain stake. "He just wanted to be comfortable to stay down in Africa."

In order to encourage technical staff Dongguan, "happy" and from a portion of their shares allocated to key employees. Earlier this year, Dongguan plant manager and technical backbone of succession to the African.

Employee training

All instructions can only sign language, "in the country to do it again, the workers will understand, here have to teach five or six times."

May 25, from Dongguan to examine the market bosses have to go back, "happy" or stayed. "Is left to play with blood." Now there are three Chinese people resident in the new plant in Africa, the director Li Wei, general manager of sales of small Khodorkovsky, as well as plant supervisor Huangdan. Before "happy" to stay in Dongguan, most things have to communicate through the micro channel. "Project started six months, you can feel their enthusiasm began to subside, the discussion on the micro-channel is not active."

The language barrier, it is difficult to integrate into local life, when not suited to all aspects of early affect team morale. Responsible for sales and marketing of small Huo has lived in Tanzania, two or three years, speaks the local Swahili, talk to the locals to mingle. But for the other two Chinese authorities, the local language and English will not say, life here seems dull: the factory is located in the outskirts of Dar tissue paper machine  Saddam, except scattered plants, surrounding nothing. Huangdan arrived two weeks of long hair, and on the night light, so that small Huo help him pick up the scissors to trim.

Four weeks dark one, can only be heard in the distance the loud music coming from the bar. "The road could not see, did not dare go out at night, open the TV can not read." One evening, the machines are shut down, busy day massicot suddenly found nothing, sitting in the factory yard , looking at the night sky, muttering: "really bored ......"
tissue paper machine
But in the daytime, he would complete a variety of crushing tedious work. New machines begin testing the operation, Huang Dan is responsible for commissioning the equipment, training of staff. But the language barrier, he became a "dumb": All the instructions can only sign language.

Every time training, demonstration Huangdan first time, followed by black employees then do it again. "In the country to do it again, the workers will understand, here have to teach five or six times." Afternoon, rumbling factory workshop is very hot, thin stature Huangdan between machines and workers ran back and forth, sweating profusely. His temper has reached a critical point, there are still times trained workers can not learn, can not help but loudly complaining Huangdan:! "Stupid"

"They are not stupid, slow!" That day meeting in the evening, the boss "happy" to guide the others: It's like twenty or thirty years ago, Korean, Taiwanese people to China to open the plant, "we see them buy over big machines, so expensive, but also cautiously hesitant to touch. "

"Happy," said he was confident after the training African  tissue paper machine workers can adapt faster and faster machines. But in this adaptation process, the need to find ways to be inserted "catalyst": for example, paste box with plastic boxes, sticky day to 15,000 Chinese workers boxes, local employees do not Confirmed, only seven or eight thousand glued to the box. "Can not let fastest Dongguan factory workers to Africa to stay for a month or two? A people do not want to let a couple, and brought the Africans to do!"