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Dad's choice Lara pants tissue paper machine wet wipes will be in the end the ultimate
Recently, the Internet's first brand baby daddy choose to publish pulling pants, wet wipes new products, in complying with the "highest quality, without adding" product concept based on the promise to the ultimate user experience in the end.
As a very plain sister product series, Lara inherited the diaper pants safety and environmental protection, all the advantages of soft and comfortable: Fragrance phosphor pigment printing inks and other harmful substances, combined with high cotton super soft outer layer within the millimeter-thick foundation, using double heightening perspective and encircling elastic waist design of the overall structure. tissue paper machine Of course, only those still not enough, the new Lara pants extreme is also reflected in more aspects: 1, more breathable, innovative core structure, which imported materials to make products better ventilation; 2, a greater uptake, double instantaneous suction using a polymer to absorb a greater amount of baby locked in urine is not a problem; 3, more anti-rewet, specially designed super instantaneous suction layer, the complete elimination of back osmosis, skin-layer more dry; 4, clearer the urine display, based on the original mechanism was upgraded in urine, so the baby pee prompt a glance.
 tissue paper machine
Except for the baby on the ultimate design choice also for the father moms on pulling pants adds a convenient packing tape. Kao pulling pants used import users may be familiar with, packing tape used to wrap the baby is very convenient Lara used pants, but the current domestic pulling pants industry in this regard is still blank. Daddy's selection marked by Kao while pulling pants understand the pain points users to use, among the first in its new packaged with the introduction of an additional convenience, the real extreme in the end.
Dad's choice of this new release, in addition to pulling pants extreme there is a new product - a safe and clean damp paper towel. On the choice of product selection father wipes pure cotton, pure water, pure ultimate three natural raw materials, the moisture content of the radical of zero impurity into the soft skin-friendly allergen-free cotton woven fabrics, combined with aloe vera , tea, German chamomile and other antibacterial moisturizing plant extracts, clean your baby's skin while effectively preventing the growth of bacteria.
Daddy's choice can be seen as a new listing, pulling pants and wet wipes on the ultimate product quality and user experience have spared no effort, greatly enhance the competitiveness of products Daddy's choice - even in the face of foreign brands favorably. According to the latest global strategy consulting right 威贝恩 company released "Chinese shoppers Report 2015" The data show: foreign brands in first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai, FMCG category average market share declined 1.5 percentage points; and compared to 2013, the National the range of down 1.6%. With the rise  tissue paper machine of the father can see the choice of this type of high-quality domestic brands, foreign brand market share is shrinking, we can predict this trend will be more pronounced in the future.
"With the ultimate product manufacturing leader in China maternal and create a healthier and better maternal China market," CEO choice Dad says Wang resort. As a cutting-edge Internet company, product substitution choices father quickly updated - diapers within two months to complete the six iterations, on the one hand to quickly push the B2C electricity supplier, electricity providers and other social networking market, while mature products in diapers R & D Lara pants and wet wipes on experience, and all the trees and the Internet platform to raise public sale to raise cooperation in the exploration mode, with the ultimate user experience truly user driven word of mouth.