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Convenient bags of tissue paper machine water bottle outdoor barbecue fun leaving garbage everywhere
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  May 1, face precious little vacation time vacation, most people choose outing Tengzhou, seems to have been neglected for a long-haul journey. Not only because of the weather, most still want to relax, away from their home in the suburbs close, get some fresh air. Barbecue, has become the people to choose the best time of the additional activities of tourism, not only to enjoy the scenery, but also the United States and the United States to eat a DIY barbecue is really best of both worlds. However, many people in the barbecue after completion of garbage generated, but conveniently "left" to the behind the beauty. Next to the beautiful grass, among the tall trees, the presence of all convenient bags, mineral water bottles, toilet paper, waste tissue paper machine and other garbage.
Barbecue set favored
"Where there is selling barbecue stove, these days with his family intend to barbecue it, I heard a stove and other equipment under one roof is not expensive." Intend Out "music" one of Mr. Wang said. According to reports, as early as 51 before the BBQ products have been popular market, particularly in major urban areas who go to stores to purchase equipment barbecue a few friends growing. Reporters learned that, in Tengzhou City, east Shahe Town, a working barbecue grill stove and other items of small workshops, workers are busy enjoying themselves more. According to the workshop's owner, since entering in April since, barbecue stoves and other hot barbecue supplies began to heat up, especially some small barbecue equipment for home use, it is favored by the public.
"Slowly the weather gets hot, but in April and May is the best time to barbecue, so some families will travel by car, ready for the barbecue food, a family or a few friends out barbecue, it is now very common. Grill barbecue stove and some other tools used to selling is a natural. The workshop owner said. Reporters saw, the boss will grill, grill brush, special charcoal, folding chairs and other barbecue utensils full swing outside, according to the shop owner to him, individual equipment tissue paper machine They usually do not, but also purchase from the field over the sale.