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Color big bad tissue paper machine toilet harm
Why not toilet paper to wipe your mouth? "Color is not good," the toilet paper harmful Why? Yesterday, the China Forum on Sustainable Development held in the Chinese paper, reporters ask questions of the experts above.

On the table a number of small restaurants, often placed a roll of toilet paper,  tissue paper machine paper towels to wipe your mouth for customers to use. Secretary-General of the organizers China Paper Association Professional Committee of Miss Jiang Manxia paper said: the toilet paper used as facial tissue, there is a certain risk.
 tissue paper machine
Paper for sanitary toilet paper and facial tissue to wipe comprises two categories. With a tissue, facial tissue and toilet paper the state hygienic requirements are quite different. Toilet paper may not total more than 600 units of colonies, but not exceeding 200 units washcloth; toilet paper pulp can be used to add a small amount, but it is allowed to add face tissue.

Some toilet paper dark color, but also easy to shake off the debris. Jiang Manxia said, some small enterprises in order to whiten paper, add a fluorescent whitening agent. Due to the production process, not used in the pulp to remove talc and other fillers, with up there, "dregs" phenomenon.

Fluorescent brighteners absorbed by the body, is difficult to decompose,  tissue paper machine  combined with the human body in proteins, it will hinder wound healing, and it is very difficult to remove, but also increase the burden on the liver. Excessive exposure, may have a potential carcinogenic risk.