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China tissue export increase
 According to customs statistics, in 2014, four months, China imported 9.438 million tons of waste paper, and compared to last year (below) fell 4.2 percent, worth $ 1.9 billion, down 5.4%, the average import price $ 201.5 / ton, fell 1.3 percent; at the same time, pulp (pulp) imported 5.847 million tons, an increase of 7.7%, worth $ 4.04 billion, an increase of 12.5%, average import price $ 690.3 / ton, up 4.5%.
    Europe and the United States is still paper source of imports, imports from Brazil pulp (pulp) increased significantly
    According to customs data show that the first four months, the United States remains the largest source of imports for China's waste paper, imports accounted for 45.7 percent of China's total import of waste paper, a total of 4.316 million tons, an increase of 0.4%; from the EU (28 countries) Overall imports of 2.689 million tons, down 4.9%, accounting for 28.5%; in addition, imports from Japan 1.04 million tons, down 18.3%, accounting for 11%.
    Meanwhile, the first four months, China's pulp (pulp), mainly from Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and the United States, from the above four countries were imported 1.175 million tons of pulp, 1.107 million tons, 688,000 tons and 684,000 tons, down 10.2%, respectively, growth of 33.5%, an increase of 10.6% and decreased by 1.4%.
    Foreign-invested enterprises import raw materials for paper main foreign-invested enterprises are still the main paper of imported raw materials. According to customs statistics, the first four months, China imported over 70% of waste paper from foreign-invested enterprises, pulp imports over 50%, respectively, 6.76 million tons of imported waste paper, down 9.7%, accounting for 71.6% of total imports of waste paper ; pulp (pulp) 2.966 million tons, an increase of 15.2%, accounting for 50.7% of pulp (pulp) of total imports.
    Increase in volume and a drop in price of newsprint paper products exports surge in imports by 2014 four months, China's paper products imports and exports increase in volume and a drop in price. According to customs statistics show that the first four months, China's paper and paperboard (not cut to shape) exported 1.969 million tons, an increase of 15.6 percent, worth $ 2.26 billion, an increase of 12.2%. Which significantly increase the amount of newsprint and corrugated paper exports, exports were 38,000 tons and 33,000 tons, representing a substantial increase of 28.5 times and 1.5 times respectively; inorganic coated paper exports of 1.23 million tons, an increase of 20.8%; kraft paper and coated paper were exported 63,000 tons and 429,000 tons, respectively, up 42.7% and 6.4%.
    ASEAN continue to maintain our inorganic largest export market for coated paper; adverse economic decline of China's exports of coated paper, the main markets of Japan exports fell significantly; the first time India has become the largest export market of newsprint, no exports over the same period last year.
    According to customs statistics show that the first four months, China's exports to ASEAN inorganic 219,000 tons of coated paper, an increase of 32%; for Japan's export 97,000 tons, an increase of 0.4%.
    4 months ago, China's coated paper exports to Japan 70,000 tons, down 15.9% over the same period accounted for 16.3 percent of China's exports of manufactured copperplate; ASEAN exports 66,000 tons, an increase of 13.3% over the same period accounted for 15.3 percent of China's exports copperplate system.
    4 months ago, India has become the largest export market of newsprint, total exports of 20,000 tons over the same period last year, there is no exit; ASEAN is our largest export market kraft paper, total exports of 18,000 tons, an increase of 1.3 times.
    Nanjing Port remain the main export port for the first four months, Nanjing port of export 523,000 tons of paper products, up 17.3 percent, worth $ 490 million, an increase of 13%. Ningbo Port and Shanghai Port exports ranked second and third, respectively, $ 300 million and exports of $ 280 million, respectively, an increase of 24.5% and 5.5%.
    Among them, the inorganic coated paper export port in Nanjing Port exports accounted for 29.8%, a total of 367,000 tons, an increase of 19.5%; corrugated paper since Shenzhen port of export 19,000 tons, an increase of 84.9%; newsprint from Guangzhou port of export 20,000 tons , surged 981 times; Shenzhen port is a major export port kraft paper, export 28,000 tons, an increase of 29.5%.
    Foreign-invested enterprises are still the main export, private enterprises have sprung up everywhere in newsprint exports
    4 months ago, foreign-invested enterprises are still the main outlet for the products of paper, accounting for 69.8 percent of China's total exports of paper products, total exports of 1.374 million tons, an increase of 11.2%. Among them, foreign-invested enterprises exported 924,000 tons of coated paper inorganics, an increase of 17.6%, accounting for 75.1 percent, exports of newsprint, 32,000 tons, accounting for 84.9%; private enterprises have become a major force in the kraft paper exports, exports 34,000 tons, accounting for 53.8 %.