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China continued popularity tissue paper machine toilet toilet paper sales rise
Japanese media said that China's demand for paper products is continuing to decline.  tissue paper machine China Paper Association aggregated data, paper and paperboard production in 2014 rose 3.6% over the previous year only for the 100 million 4.7 million tons.
tissue paper machine
According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported net June 24, though smaller than the initial forecast of negative growth has been raised, but sustained growth from 2008 to 2011 about 7 to 8% compared to growth was weak. If China's domestic surplus production to export, it is also expected to give the Japanese market impact.

"China's paper industry reflects the overall economic trends in China," Japan Paper Association executive director Jun Saito noted this. China is the world's largest paper producer. With print media continued shift to electronic media, newsprint production in 2014 significantly reduced by 9.7% compared with last year. Due to the economic slowdown, for books and other uncoated paper decreased by 0.3% for catalogs and flyers of coated paper increased 0.7 per cent.

Sanitary paper increased by 4.4%. With China's inland areas in the future the growing popularity of water and flush toilets, toilet paper demand is expected to increase. Nevertheless, a paper industry stakeholders still predicted that "China's overall growth in 2015 will continue to slow down."

If Chinese domestic demand peaked,  tissue paper machine it is likely to increase exports for the Japanese. At present, although the depreciation of the yen has not been a significant increase, but if there are companies take into account the rapid decline in prices will be determined exports, estimated Japanese paper companies will be forced to intensify their response.