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Cheap toilet paper tissue paper machine napkins health hazard when
The people Ms. Chen often buddies went out for dinner, she found many small restaurants napkin quality to provide customers with the poor, not only the surface roughness, and gently said something a lot of confetti will fly. Recently, this reporter conducted some research and found that a lot of restaurant napkins, food stalls provide toilet paper are poor. And in some of the upscale restaurants, paper towels are provided softer tissue box material,  tissue paper machine generally requires a fee to the public.

In this regard, dermatologists advise, inferior paper napkin surface roughness, long-term use may damage the skin surface, increases the risk of skin cancer.
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Bistro free towel

He said something to fly a lot of confetti

The people Ms. Chen often buddies out to dinner, but she found out snack stalls, poached frying snack bar to provide customers with a free year-round napkins are very poor, not only feels very rough, and paper color is also very dark, he did not dare to use those tissues, "said something about the kind of napkins will fly a lot of paper, did not dare to use, or bring your own towel with comparative ease."

Ms Chan said, if you come across a little better boss, but also to provide customers with a pack a bag of pumping paper, "although there is no good the quality of their home, whatever the outcome, than the kind of low-grade roll reassuring."


When using toilet paper napkin

Boss said, "Never mind"

This reporter went to Fuzhou Road, investigating boat mountain victory on the road and some small restaurants and found a number of small restaurants and napkins food stalls provide customers, in fact, are made of poor quality toilet roll replaced.

Chuanshan road record in leaf barbecue shop, the reporter saw a desk napkin rolls of paper towels than usual home is much rough. Reporter readily ripped off period, found that many of confetti will fly. Meanwhile, the reporter Jane Tan Kee boiled green street store, has seen a similar quality of rolls.

For these rolls whether health problems, bosses have said nothing, "the shop are so used for so many years, nor heard a customer say what problems, but we have no idea, some guests it is too wasted, good cost is too high and must be paper ah us too much. "

In addition, the reporter also visited a number  tissue paper machine of medium-sized hotel in Nanchang, hot pot restaurants, found that these are good, the hotel offers free quality napkin; some will be ready for customers in the upscale hotel sealed boxed out of paper, but basically we will charge a fee to customers.