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Changde supermarkets sell tissue paper machine cottage tissue breeze to Qing Feng
Dean Chang Township Liu told reporters reflect themselves in the region's largest supermarket chain bought a breeze brand paper towels, can go home with only to find that good "breeze" was the cottage became "clear phoenix."

Mr. Liu has more than a feeling cheated, since the tissue product trademark and packaging design, brand paper towels and genuine breeze is very similar, almost real,   tissue paper machine  so many consumers is difficult to discern.

Mr. Zhao: "You see, this is what I bought Qing Feng tissue, which is the breeze paper towels, two one looks exactly the same, the only difference is that a word is the wind, is a phoenix written word as well as the wind is toilet tissue. while writing this paper above life. "

By contrast observation we found that the product packaging production date is very vague, visually unrecognizable. In addition, the back of the product packaging hygiene standards marked by numbers and product standard number, there are differences with the genuine breeze paper towels, after verification, the Qing Feng brand paper towels sanitary standards and implementation of Standard No. fictitious.

Anxiang County Bureau of Quality Supervision discipline inspection team leader Gongxiang Cheng said marked the implementation of standards on top of this product does not exist, the health standard number is not right. Regular toilet paper national health standard number is GB / T-20810-2006, the implementation of standards should be GB / T-20808-2006 ....

Mr. Zhao: "This paper towels, it does not guarantee the quality and hygiene, the home side a woman child, whether there will be hurt after using, I worry about that."

In order to ascertain whether the paper quality and safety issues, the reporter asked a paper industry technologist conducted a preliminary identification of the tissue.

Tissue master craftsmen Zhang: "We can see that after the burning paper towels, cups face a greater amount of residual yellow gum, which may be added fluorescent brighteners and softeners and other chemicals that is. a harmful substance. "

Reporters site visits to manufacturers of low-quality paper towels cottage Watch fake site

It seems, this cottage version breeze tissue manufacturer does not generally imitate the skill, not only the product name is very similar, and even packaging is also exactly the same. To find scenes of suppliers, the reporter went to the local supermarket to sell clean towels phoenix understand the situation, however, even the supermarket clerk mistakenly clear all Phoenix as a breeze.
tissue paper machine
Subsequently, in the mouth of another clerk informed us that the Qing Feng-brand paper towels on the actual produced locally, is a company called peace tissue paper produced by the plant. Salesman told reporters that the local production of tissue paper are generally of low, as long as 7 dollars, to sell more than a thousand dollars a month

These towels inexpensive, but the quality of health did not guarantee, the reporter through a two-dimensional bar code packaging query, the result is not the commodity check.

Through visits, the reporter found these problems towel manufacturing plant - Peace Paper. Reporters found that this factory only produces clear Fung paper towels, also produced multiple brands of paper towels. Paper towels raw materials stacked in the street directly in front of the edge of the plant, production workshop very messy, paper and other bits and pieces everywhere, the production equipment is also covered with a layer of ashes. At this point the workers are to mount a trademark of finished tissue paper towels Weiwei bag. The production of packaging for the Nanning address have shown high-tech park.

"You're in the packaging that is what brand?"

"You see, ah, Wei-Wei tissue is not it, I did not read, can not read ....."

Multisectoral joint investigation detained the products in question

Paper mastered to peace after selling fake goods, illegal evidence, the reporter learned that the situation is back to the local business sector. Subsequently, law enforcement officers and went to the warehouse to check, but it has been the person in charge of a strong obstruction

Paper peace Leader: "Here what side did not, do not go in, all out all out." At the time the two sides deadlocked, the local County Business Bureau and police officers rushed to the scene and opened the door into the warehouse to check, Qing Feng found a large towel.

Faced with the fact that people are still in charge of every means to deny this, law enforcement officers decided to take enforcement measures against alleged trademark infringement products in question were seized.

The total number of tissue products Qing Feng alleged trademark infringement of this was seized 130 suspected counterfeit counterfeit Weiwei tissue products amount to 25. Subsequently,   tissue paper machine    law enforcement officers went to the supermarket stores selling the products in question to check the company's market in the sale of problem goods to all the shelves.

Cottage products, real ones, using a cover-up, blind the eyes of consumers, thereby profiteering. Profiteering behind the brand patent infringement of intellectual property rights, the damage to the legitimate interests of businesses painstakingly authentic brand reputation and consumers. We hope competent authorities to severely punish, to contain, not to let the cottage to continue flooding。