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Caution hotel napkin tissue paper machine easily lead to hepatitis
"Life Times" reporter recently visited the Beijing Chaoyang District, the size of seven restaurants and found that they all provide free napkin to customers. Four of them provided napkin is very thin, there are a lot of dark-colored impurities above, and the time will be down the dregs, and with a pungent taste. Reporters noted that no manufacturers, health permit number tissue paper machine and other information on a package of napkins on the counter packaging. Also provided is a restaurant napkin web, how much their own tear. According to restaurant service personnel, these napkins are bought from the wholesale market, "several times cheaper than the supermarket, less than two cents a pack, guests just do not feel bad with."
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International Food Packaging Association executive vice president of Dong Lion told reporters, more than 90 percent of the Beijing market napkin not guarantee the quality, "explained the dregs of substandard quality napkin, probably produced by recycling waste paper." According to the detection quality inspection departments, inferior paper napkin with various fungi, E. coli, tuberculosis, hepatitis virus, easily lead to enteritis, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis and other diseases. In addition to these bacteria harm the human body, Dong Jinshi also noted that "the producers in the production process will add bleach, which contain cancer-causing chemicals, such as fluorescent brighteners to contain cadmium, would cause damage to the blood system and impair memory. "

Director of the Beijing Ditan Hospital infectious disease diagnosis and treatment center Li Xingwang pointed out that people who frequently use these poor toilet paper, is likely to lead to disease from the mouth. "Do not meet health standards napkin may cause intestinal diseases, respiratory diseases and skin allergies." Thus, the experts recommend, do not use the dregs of inferior paper napkin, handkerchief comes with eating out as much as possible, paper towels or clean the mouth after a meal. When buying a napkin, be sure to choose the regular manufacturer's products, buy soft, no impurities, no smell of paper towels. Lion Dong also tell you     tissue paper machine a way to identify poor quality paper napkin: poor quality paper napkin water a bubble, immediately into slag, and wood pulp napkin, blisters still forming.