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Breeze tissue paper machine --100% virgin wood pulp refining
  tissue paper machine
  Tissue paper machine many brands on the market, the pros and cons of different, choose high-quality products we are more concerned about things, and how to choose high-quality tissue health and safety? Breeze towel 100% virgin wood pulp refined to tell you the answer.
Breeze always uphold the "purer so happy," the principle of election materials, with pure hearts made good paper, the choice of raw materials to stick with 100% raw wood pulp, brings delicate soft touch, pure and safe, wet water difficult to break, sweat dripping from the kitchen after exercise difficult to remove stains, wood can be a good absorbent paper towels, leaving debris; free transferability optical brighteners, additives avoid adhering hazards, fiber clean, safe and reliable; Pure fibers paper, precisely because of the wind is used 100% raw wood pulp, it can do 0 to skin irritation, even the tender skin of babies are applicable; instantaneous ultra high temperature treatment, the number of colonies far below national standards, clean and hygienic .
Leaving consumers to ease of use, the breeze through the enterprise quality wood tissue paper machine ISO900 certification, in the minds of consumers establish a safe and assured brand image. 100% virgin wood pulp create pure good paper, from the comfort, safety, health and other five angles, dedicated to every consumer the most assured of paper.
Of course, it's high quality but also from the company's strength is guaranteed. Breeze paper towels wholly owned by the world's top 500 under the Sinar Mas Group of Hongye Paper Group Ltd, the company is Asia's largest paper production and marketing company, one life. "Lin pulp-paper integration" is the nation's paper industry development model advocated. As an advocate of the green paper, the wind has always adhered to the "integrated pulp and paper," the paper concept. Promote the sustainable development of enterprises, adhering to the "Your paper, I plant trees, practice green big loop" principle, six species of trees, with a tree and maintain the ecological balance of nature. The real "integrated pulp and paper" to implement the production and marketing of every corner of sustainable development to contribute their part.
Not difficult to find, the wind towel 100% virgin wood pulp refined not only access to the market by the pure quality is widely recognized, the production of corporate social responsibility and on the "integrated pulp and paper" continue to adhere to the same development model worthy of peer learning.