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Both Kleenex attention tissue paper machine substandard water easily rot
Recently, a quarter of the provincial supervision and inspection of industrial products Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau released the results found that the city's production of the two tissues failed.

    Detection: Both Kleenex a water rot

    Test results showed that the two failed tissues were: Nominal Jiangdu District Ji Qiang paper cup series Hillman plant tissues,  tissue paper machine Yangzhou Bo Friends of the nominal production of high-grade paper Ltd. Shu Yi home facial tissue. Both tissues were due to "vertical wet tensile strength" below the standard, was sentenced to failure. If the longitudinal wet tensile strength is too low, in the course of tissue easily rotten, not durable, but also adhere to the skin.
tissue paper machine
    In addition, the Friends of Bo Yangzhou production of a high-grade paper Ltd. Bo toilet paper, but also because of "horizontal suction height (finished level)", "softness (finished layer Aspect average)" non-compliance is deemed to have failed.

    Reminder: to get out of these three consumer misunderstanding

    â–  with toilet paper towels

    Toilet paper for toilet use, not recommended for towels, wipe your mouth, facial, or used for other purposes. Before use, you can touch the toilet paper surface, or take a small piece of toilet paper back and forth several times in the arm friction, such as feeling excessively rough, hard, it is not recommended.

    â–  whiter more health

    The same raw materials, toilet paper, tissues whiteness and health indicators did not necessarily linked. Some companies cater to consumers, excessive addition of fluorescent brighteners improve the whiteness, such a product seemingly unnaturally white, not soft tone, and may cause harm to the user, not the more white the more health.

    â–  Select "weight of flower products"

    At present, some toilet paper roll, flat cut embossed paper and napkins embossed too heavy too deep, clear fiber damage, product performance was severely affected. But such products packaging looks very drum, it is quantity, market Shang Hao pin. In fact, tissue paper machine   heavy embossed and bulging packaging does not mean that much quantity, but may imply the use of performance.