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Beware of wet wipes common tissue paper machine skin allergy
Young girl Guo likes to carry a bag of wet paper towels to wipe, paper towels, both easy to leave scraps of paper, but also sterilization, decontamination. However, this time, she found the face of inexplicable swelling, itching. She went to the hospital  tissue paper machine to know, it is used with a wet paper towel dermatitis.
tissue paper machine
Yesterday, reporters visited a number of supermarkets found that as many as dozens of brand wet wipes. Some wet wipes also the name of "as long as health, not bacterial," the ad, claiming that can play a role in antibacterial.

In this connection, doctors, the main raw material is actually non-woven wet wipes, wet wipes contain a variety of additives due, excessive contact with the skin antiseptic, alcohol and other chemical components, is apt to cause contact dermatitis and other skin allergies. She suggested that less with a damp towel to wipe her face, especially not directly rub the eye, ear and mucous membranes, skin redness, itching and other symptoms after such use, stop using it immediately.

Wet wipes labeling prohibit sterilization function

According to Ministry of Health, "Disinfection product label instructions Practice" states: health wet wipes, wet wipes and other products prohibited labeling disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, pharmaceutical, efficient, non-toxic, prevention  tissue paper machine of sexually transmitted diseases, treatment of diseases, reduce or alleviate the symptoms of the disease, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, non-test based on the use of objects and shelf life and so on.