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Beijing tissue sampling 30% failed the tissue paper machine presence of excessive bacteria and other issues
Many paper products market issues

Recently, the CCTV reporter at Handan part restaurant and visited Beijing Carrefour supermarket to find that there are many problems napkins, facial tissue, toilet paper and other tissue.

Some restaurants offer paid napkins rough easily broken,  tissue paper machine napkins offer toilet paper turned out to be free; and well-known brands sold in supermarkets and other tissue pumping problems are present.

The restaurant is easy to rotten rough paper towels
tissue paper machine
CCTV reporter in Handan City, a restaurant found customer to use napkins are paid a dollar per pack. This napkin looks rough, loose paper, the above holes are clearly visible.

Reporters got a waiter: "You see this paper has a hole." Waiter replied:. "This paper is such good quality, it twenty-three (a pack)"

Handan City reporter then about ten upscale restaurants conducted a survey and found that they are generally paid to the customer sales napkins, priced at a dollar or two dollars. Reporters in the survey found that when a hot pot restaurant, where sales of napkins smooth surface, do not see holes, but gently rub customer Cazui to break when a big hole.

Toilet paper instead of napkins

In a further investigation, reporters found that many restaurants are also available to consumers free web. Restaurant waiter told reporters that the web is relatively cheaper napkins, a roll of less than a dollar.

This waiter said, this web sanitation in poor condition, quality sanitary napkins is certainly not up to standard. Reporters found that the web flick, there will be some white dust.

According to a mall, a sales staff, the restaurant offers free of charge to consumers this is actually the toilet paper roll.

Tissue presence breeze pumping

Maliandao Carrefour stores in Beijing, a nominally "Silver Ya" brand napkins price of 18.5 yuan, higher than the average brand-name paper lot.

A salesperson has repeatedly stressed that their product is the high-end brand of paper, will not be no-name paper dregs of problems. The reporter then to Beijing and other places of several large supermarkets were investigated, supermarket sales staff also claimed that brand paper quality is guaranteed.

Was it? Reporters randomly selected nominal "Breeze" card 200 pumping boxed tissues, after tests found only 194 pumping.


Buy paper products do not pursue brightness

City Consumers Association warned consumers to buy household paper should view the logo on the product packaging, the contents of product identification should include: product name, name and address, product implementation of the standard number, production date, shelf life, product quality levels and so on. Carefully examine the packaging is intact seal to prevent product exposure, contamination.

Paper products are not more white the better, consumers buy paper towel, toilet paper, do not over when the pursuit of high luminance (brightness). To save costs, some small restaurants, napkins are usually purchased some cheap inferior products, consumers should be careful small restaurant napkins or toilet paper provided. Before using toilet paper or touch the surface of a small piece of toilet paper toilet paper rubbing back and forth several times in the arm, such as feeling excessively rough, stiff, advised consumers not to use.

Test results

30 kinds of tissue paper into three failure

Recently, the Beijing Consumers Association organized a comparison test paper products were randomly purchased 30 kinds of paper towel and toilet paper from Beijing 35 kinds of Wumart, Carrefour, Lotus Supermarket, Yonghui Supermarket, Auchan, Ikea, etc. sample, sample involving more than 10 provinces and cities Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong and other dozens of companies. Comparison test results showed that 30 kinds of paper towel samples are 10 sample quality indicators do not meet national standards, 35 samples 3 samples toilet paper quality indicators do not meet national standards.

Including repeated assurances excellent quality of their products brand. Substandard products include silver Ya, Shun Qing-rou, Tech, Persian cat, Oscar, IKEA, wind, baby, feather floating, clean soft and many other well-known brands. In our previous survey, repeatedly claimed that all businesses and enterprises are qualified products of the brand are the comparative test failure of the column.

Comprehensive comparison of test results the experts  tissue paper machine believe Beijing Consumers Association, resulting in paper towel, toilet paper and other paper products manufacturing enterprises unqualified main reason is to reduce costs, while ignoring the more important quality. At present, the Beijing Consumers' Association has test results were notified to the enterprise, and the case of substandard products to investigate the transfer of the business sector.