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Bathroom five common tissue paper machine things like use of
Toilet paper

Mostly recycled toilet paper, most toilet paper added dyes.  tissue paper machine Whiter color dye may be more. Some poor quality toilet paper, also contains E. coli, hepatitis virus. Prolonged contact with skin may cause leukemia and cancer.

The purchase of toilet paper, be sure to use reliable quality, unbleached toilet paper, paper and then rinse with warm water better.
tissue paper machine
Freshener, disinfectant:

Many families love to put air freshener and disinfectant in the bathroom. In fact, the freshener is also chemical compounds, in the body adversely. After evaporation of disinfectant and other cleaning supplies, they tend to accumulate large amounts of harmful gases.

The bathroom is best not to put deodorant, ventilation is most important. Disinfectant and other cleaning supplies are not stacked in the corner, on the ventilated shade more appropriate, sealed as well.

Plastic wastebasket

Put the toilet paper basket will greatly increase the speed of bacteria, making the bathroom into a breeding ground for the virus and the source of infection.

General paper items can be thrown into the toilet flushed with water; hygiene is difficult to wash off, can bring their own bags to facilitate, to bring out the toilet trash.

Bubble bath

Most soap substances from natural products, but the bubble bath fragrances may cause skin irritation, dizziness. Wash long bubble bath, where hazardous substances "foam stabilizer" could penetrate into the skin and into the lungs to breathe.

Minimize bubble bath, vegetable oil soap is a good choice.


Gum disease can cause a variety of diseases, tissue paper machinesuch as heart disease, respiratory diseases. Chemicals widely used in toothpaste, "lauryl sulfate" is considered likely to cause gastrointestinal problems, will make it easier for the oral ulcers. Abrasive toothpaste is also believed to hurt the gums.

Do not think toothpaste when brushing your teeth better, not packed too much; do not frequent brushing, controlled three times a day.