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Baby diapers survey 40 percent tissue paper machine of respondents favored foreign brands
WASHINGTON (Chinese Business Morning Palm Shenyang client reporter Zhao Wei) has a dry baby diapers, sanitary, convenient, etc., into a family child care essential supplies, quality performance diapers for parents who are concerned.

Recently, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Xi'an and other 19 cities CASE organizations jointly issued the "baby diapers consumer behavior report", the survey shows that more than 50% of respondents in online shopping diapers,  tissue paper machine encountered fake and shoddy products.

Four percent of respondents favored "foreign brand"

For consumers trust brands or imported brands of domestic problems, the survey results showed that 42.25 percent of respondents imported brand is more trusted, that the domestic brands and imported brands have almost 36.53 percent of the respondents, while 21.22% of respondents said they do not trust to imported brands.

Thus, the revitalization of the domestic diapers, the key is how to enhance the brand consumer confidence.

Survey results show that both consumers access to information on how to change the quality of all of its attention and care has always been a problem. In the "will focus on when you buy diapers consider what factors," the survey results, there are 73.27% of the respondents preferred quality.

More than 50% of respondents: red ass baby diapers

With the improvement of life quality, people's consumption demand is constantly changing, the parents of baby diapers function demands are not only limited to a simple compartment urine.

In the urine of every other product functionality demands of the survey results, there are 61.22% of the respondents preferred "dry", "good ventilation" product; there are 54.49% of respondents chose the "lock high water," "soft, does not irritate" products; respectively 43.06% and 32.24% of the respondents selected with the "anti-side leakage," "flexible magic button, adjustable waist elastic" features of the product, choose a "have wet reminder" and "ultra-thin" feature product reached the two percent of the respondents choose "males and females use" Product of the respondents had 18.98 percent.

This set of data shows that in terms of functional demands of diapers, people pay more attention to the product wearer comfort.

In addition to the purchase, the parents give the baby to use diapers will inevitably encounter some problems.

The survey results show that the use of a rear compartment urine output red ass phenomenon encountered the largest proportion of respondents, was 53.47%, followed by that the product is not enough dry, airtight, poor water absorption of the respondents.

While more than two percent of respondents said that they are buying the product has appeared in urine compartment texture too hard, leak, waist paste skin allergies and other problems lead to children.

Respondents refrain net loss when shopping Product Alert
tissue paper machine
In today's rapidly changing consumption patterns, shopping malls, supermarkets have not only to consumers in separated urine output channels.

The survey results showed that 47.76% of respondents buy diapers by baby specialty stores, selected by the TV shopping to buy 11.84 percent of the respondents have, while up to 56.53% of the respondents choose online shopping.

Electronic business development in changing the traditional consumption habits, but also exposed many problems, bore the brunt of counterfeiting.

The survey results showed that 50.61 percent of consumer online  tissue paper machine shopping diapers when encountered such a phenomenon.

In addition, the service issues are very difficult, there are 31.22% of respondents said they encountered poor service problems, while 29.80 percent of respondents of online shopping goods lost during the delivery process. Thus, how to get consumers to net purchases of goods more confidence, more security, electronic business platform is urgent to think about.