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BMW shares fall towel woman tissue paper machinewalking along there is so powerful it

"Cell BMW MINI woman, even the security room of two packets of paper towels are easily led by the nose, stocks fall there are so bad?" Recently, an article on "BMW woman in the district security office 'cis' walk tissue" microblogging netizens  tissue paper machine attention . BMW women really "smooth" wipes away the security room? Message from the residential property, said the so-called "smooth" go towels event, in fact, is a misunderstanding.

Incident, a district downtown, time is July 8 in the morning. The micro-Bo video display, the day 9:00 Xu, a driving BMW MINI owners parked in the district at the entrance, took two bags of tissue from the security interior, on the car, the car to leave. Because micro-Bo involve the words "BMW woman," "fell" and, after the micro-blog is issued, immediately caused users of discussion. Some netizens said, "did not save, how can afford a BMW," there are users that "sometimes express in the security office, will take the wrong."
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Well, Ms. name of the driver of the BMW MINI is really "smooth" the security room towels go? Yesterday, BMW owners very fact that this is a misunderstanding, microblogging content to let her some injustice.

The very fact that the morning of July 8, she drove through the cell door, a security district said it had been sent to her home two bags of paper towels, let her take home. "Not any words written on paper, I thought it was a friend to the mother, did not ask, put the paper towels to take home", as it happens, her mother a few days out, with just two bags of worthless paper towel, and therefore She did not give her mother call to verify.

"July 10, the property give me a call, said tissue a wrong." The very fact that, after receiving the call, she put two bags of tissue intact to return the security room. But she did not expect was to go back after tissue appeared above the microblogging network.

Why Ms. Zhang took the wrong paper towels? Yesterday, the head of residential property Zhu said, later learned, paper towels are citizens Carole (a pseudonym) to the district security room. "Entrance area has two channels, one motor vehicle lanes, a bicycle lane, at 9:00 on the 8th Xu, security on duty at the booth duty road vehicles." Zhu said, after Carole put a paper towel to the security room, just separated the non-motorized vehicles told the guard, tissue was sent to the cell 4 a chamber. As the two men separated by a lane, the four security has become a room to listen to a chamber 14, 14 in a room that is the very fact of domicile. Then amusing incident occurred.

Who made microblogging? The very fact that microblogging is issued, she had adopted a four room property found A strong (a pseudonym). A strong showing, microblogging is issued by its friends, but was soon removed, hair microblogging users has also been clarification on these events through the microblogging. Yesterday afternoon, A Strong told reporters in a telephone interview, said the event is indeed a misunderstanding, microblogging is indeed issued by his friend, but issued 10 minutes after being removed.

Although misunderstandings have been eliminated, but the very fact wondering  tissue paper machine   if someone spread unfounded discourse on the network, how to do? Zhejiang Oujiang law firm Chen Yunsheng lawyer said that if found infringing freedom of speech, appealed to the parties to the judiciary, do not rush to tell each other on the network, and the best way first to a fixed evidence, the evidence is that fixed a notary notarized reserved evidence of the process, then go to justice.