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Ancient no toilet paper tissue paper machine to wipe them actually use them
Take a look at China, like before the invention of paper, people wrote on "Bamboo" on the same ancient time when more toilet paper with bamboo, called "toilet Jane" bamboo polished smooth after polishing moist. However, when the "toilet Jane" is a relatively scarce and expensive, so only the rich can afford to enjoy the general people can only find some feel relatively poor substitutes, such as tiles, bark,  tissue paper machine as well as stones.
tissue paper machine
In fact, after the invention of paper, for a long time, people are also reluctant to use paper wipe, then very expensive paper, printed books are not enough, it is impossible to wipe the ass. Of course, wealthy people do not rule out some of the first to use toilet paper Prodigal. Until the Tang and Song Dynasties, the paper began to spread, the habit of using the toilet paper was slowly gaining in popularity.
It is said that the ancient Romans with sponge ass, this is indeed more comfortable, the disadvantage is too expensive, and most people can not afford, so the average person with twigs and sticks to solve, as a way to resolve, in the end is to rub or poke , I do not know.
Frenchman would not Romans so elegant, and they are solved with a rope, holding the rope at both ends, see-saw back and forth to the ass rub clean. Of course, this is not the focus, the focus is in public restrooms, which are common root hemp rope. Not down to the.
According to the records of Japan's "Tale of Genji," a book, the Japanese royal family is cicada wings to rub ass, but because cicada wings hard, so it normally takes three days taking a dip in hot water re-use, and because Cicada wings are transparent, so if the stool abnormal, but also in time, so according to the judgment of the stool body lesions.
As for the Indians, people now do not have toilet paper, hand directly, then then wash your hands. In India's high-end toilet, there will be special after handwashing facilities. As for the poor can not be equipped with these facilities,tissue paper machine it is only to the Ganges resolved.