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An Qinghuai Ning Duxiu paper tissue paper machine production of counterfeit sieboldii paper
I believe the people of Hefei "sieboldii" brand toilet paper is not strange, it was once a private house in Hefei, "standard." Recently, however, the brand of toilet paper, the company received many complaints, saying the presence of the brand of toilet paper, "dregs" and "hole" situation. Production companies find that their products "was cloned." June 16, reporters learned that the brand toilet paper and went to investigate tissue paper machine  counterfeiting AnQing HuaiNing rather, to find a "cottage" manufacturers, local Market Authority has seized the company, in conjunction with local police in the investigation.
tissue paper machine
    "Sieboldii" was cloned

    "Hefei Mr's Jia living Paper Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as Ka Dong-paper) production of "sieboldii" brand toilet paper, in Hefei "paper knife" significant share market, recently complained that they received more gradually .

    "There are purists people, buy a bag of toilet paper home, labeled 798, the last count was only 750." Jia Yuan East Paper now deputy director Wang told reporters, in addition to more complaints that the "sieboldii" brand toilet paper, the quality different with the past, there are a lot of "holes" and "bad paper."

    Kerry East Paper recycling these "problems toilet paper" investigation, the final result took them dumbfounded. It turned out that in addition to the different production date code, the other everything "cloning" of. In other words, there are companies using the "sieboldii" packaging, toilet paper selling its own production, except for profit, but by a corresponding responsibility Kerry East Paper back the blame.

    Subsequently, Jia Dong Paper survey found that in Changfeng Feidong, Feixi and other places, there are dozens of supermarkets are sold by an unknown company produces fake "sieboldii."

    Jia Dong Paper will these "cottage" toilet paper commissioned the inspection, find this production of fake "sieboldii" of the manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, the use of unsterilised waste straw or life, resulting in bacterial poisoning.

    "The tissue is the low-end manufacturing, the profit is very low." Said Wang Yuan now, so the above counterfeit business in the "Quejinduanliang", in order to increase the weight of toilet paper, adding a lot of talcum powder in the toilet paper, which is a health risk .

    June 16, Kerry, head of the East Paper show regular and two tissue paper machine  fake "sieboldii" toilet paper to reporters after opening a replica of toilet paper, the person in charge to come up with a few, then rub obvious to see. " dregs. "