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A wet paper towel tissue paper machine clever knowledge stained red pepper
We are not spicy Sichuanese not be happy, markets in that bright red pepper bags it is essential for some people at home seasoning. But these seem glamorous red pepper, but no shortage of dyed counterfeit - black heart vendors in order to save costs, the cheap corn bran ground into powder, mixed into chili flour. The key is that the corn bran is not red,   tissue paper machine  and red pepper to make it look like you have to give it Rhodamine B with dyed red. So in order to get qualified chili, I'll teach you two small coup:
  tissue paper machine
1. Good pepper red and yellow, dry and loose, no impurities, because spicy badly, close it, the nose, the eyes will be uncomfortable. Dyed red pepper on the contrary, rich and gaudy red, spicy but light.

2. Prepare a wet paper towel in advance. Buy pepper, they can squeeze a little pepper to the wet paper towel, and wait for a while, then pepper knocked on wet tissue, paper towels see there is no red. If the tissue is stained, it shows that pepper Riga artificial colorings.

In addition to chili, pepper buy have to be careful. Black-hearted traders except for the pepper Rhodamine B dye, but also use it to pepper color. Plus a Rhodamine B color red pepper, looks Liangliang,    tissue paper machine but smaller than the average particle pepper, rub with a wet paper towel, and very easy to fade.