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A biscuit or chocolate will boost the biscuit machine tropical rainforests
Longhu News 6.5 World Environment Day for the "food goods", the seemingly have nothing, but you know what? Perhaps because you did not pay attention a bit off, the global tropical rainforests in a "boost." Yesterday, the United Nations World Environment Day theme of "sustainable consumption and production," the Chinese theme is "practicing green life", the reporter learned from the World Wildlife Fund, through international sustainability biscuit machine  certification mechanism, we can achieve the production and consumption of Origin environmental protection "win-win."
biscuit machine

Eating biscuits "boost" rainforest disappears

It is reported that the core idea of ​​these environment-friendly and sustainable authentication mechanism similar, is to achieve to meet human demand for products, while ensuring the ecological environment will not deteriorate origin of the product and still be a steady stream of animal and human therebetween provide ecological services, nourish the area thousands of creatures purposes.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil for example, is widely used in the world's edible oil and food processing, "eat goods" who love instant noodles, chocolate, biscuits, potato chips and so there will be traces of palm oil, and in cosmetics, shampoo , soap, cleaning agents of supplies, but also often find palm oil ingredients. The scientists found that areas suitable for growing oil palm, regional and global distribution of tropical rainforests highly consistent.

Especially in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand three countries accounted for 90% of global palm oil production in Indonesia is a country contributing more than half of global output of palm oil. In 2010, global production of palm oil has reached 50 million tonnes, while annual production of oil palm tree normal size is about 40 kg, virgin rainforest would have been hit. Thus, palm oil has become the world's tropical rain forests disappear causing a major motivating factor.

Thus came into being some "RSPO" certified food packaging, which by the WWF, including a number of international institutions and enterprises founded in 2004, RSPO for responsible development of oil palm plantations strict standards, and combined with an independent audit of the system, then the entire supply chain to the consumer from the plantations to the virgin plant are strictly regulated. It is reported that the core of the prohibition of the development of certified forests or any of the wildlife and communities important land, also including addressing the standard soil erosion, pollution of our health and safety, working conditions and other issues.

May one day "no fish to eat"

Unbridled fish, and eventually end up on the Yangtze River Wild, "carps" extinction same. However, the fishery for human diet provides 15 percent of the animal protein in many African and Asian LDCs, more than 50%. From 1950 to 2005, the global marine catch increased eighty-seven million tons from nineteen million tons; from 1980 to 2000, aquaculture increased by seven times, it is estimated that aquaculture will become the future The main source of seafood for human supply.

However, the near collapse of fisheries, a large number have been cut down mangroves and coral reefs and seagrass beds gradually disappear, etc. for the entire marine ecosystems are threatening. According to statistics, 90% of the global fishery resources are fully exploited or over-exploited, the number of Pacific bluefin tuna fell 96 percent, the disappearance of mangroves 3-5 times faster than the rate of forest loss. If the overall state of the marine fisheries resources degradation continue, humanity is likely to face a "no fish to eat" in the future, around the Earth more than two-thirds of the surface area of ​​the ocean is also likely to be the silence of a lifeless.

For you love fish, "food goods", the consumption of wild-caught fish (MSC) and farmed fish (ASC) two certified products is essential. WWF experts say, "MSC" for wild-caught fish in sustainable development has developed two standards, including the three principles of "sustainable development, ecological diversity and a good management system"; and "ASC "certification now includes the world's 15 best-selling seafood, it has been involved in farmed freshwater including tilapia, shrimp and seafood in China, including standard legal, biodiversity, water quality, wildlife populations, feed, fish Body Health and Social seven principles of total 61 indicators / standards, of which 65 per cent of indicators / standards related to environmental factors, and the remaining 35% related to social factors.

Supplies "green consumption" were not prevalent

For furniture, wooden household items, paper, etc. "FSC forest certification system" for soybeans and soybean products contain "RTRS responsible soy certification" ...... reporter learned that the current certification for sustainable consumer goods already includes everyone living aspects, however, because consumers do not pay attention, they tend to focus only on the product itself is "healthy" no harm, ignoring its production process on Earth can "harmless." In many foreign supermarket goods in the supply, packaging is certified, even a threshold.

WWF experts said, such as the traditional cotton production, to produce 1 kg of cotton requires more than 4,500 liters of water, but only to produce only a pair of jeans, and we are constantly being confronted with the destruction of freshwater ecosystems. In addition, cotton or pesticide use worldwide highest crop in Pakistan, the proportion of the total pesticides used in cotton pesticide use three-quarters. The use of pesticides not only leads to contamination of rivers and ground subordinates, but also a lot of animals depend on freshwater ecosystems facing the threat. Therefore, some scientists to help improve  biscuit machine  cotton growing areas planting patterns of freshwater and soil environment in growing areas to repair, so that the consumer and the environment, "correct."

There are many "sea Amoy family" began a "green consumption" mode, will look logo on the bag with the purchase of food, but most people are still not aware of it. Therefore, the WWF said the purchase of a sustainability certification of goods never just about only one's own environmental awareness through these authentication mechanism stringent traceability system, we are for the protection of the world a number of key ecological protection areas out of a parts of force.