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A British woman pregnant after eating a roll of toilet tissue paper machine paper a day to eat Addiction
"I feel like eating toilet paper", for this confession,  tissue paper machine we can only say that the world's great wonders. According to the British "Mirror" reported on December 10, a British 25-year-old woman said he felt the toilet paper "taste good", has been eating paper addiction, every day to eat a roll of paper.

According to reports, a 25-year-old British Lincolnshire, as a mother of five children Jed Sylvester in pregnant small son fell in love with after eating toilet paper. "When you were pregnant, I saw inside the bathroom toilet paper, wanted to eat it." Jed also feel that they have such a habit is incredible, "I like to chew it feels very dry." Since then, She got out of hand, competing for eating paper addiction. At first she just ate a few cells of toilet paper, but gradually eat more, eat more addictive. Now, she will put two rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, a roll is used, the other roll is her "snack."

It is reported that Jed's family persuaded her not to eat toilet paper, the body no good. Jed also said she wanted to quit. After her son was born she thought would naturally eat toilet paper, but now her son had been born 15 months, she is still eating paper can not stop eating.

"Because I know I will eat one toilet paper,  tissue paper machine I will not suppress their toilet," Jed said, "eat toilet paper on the body no good, but it will not cause any trouble."