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38-year-old anchor very pregnant belly May broadcast tissue paper machine nosebleed red towel frightened others
According to Taiwan media reports, the 38-year-old Eastern anchor Chen Hai Yan bulging more than five months pregnant belly at work, although company executives compassionate her, let her wear flat shoes sitting in broadcast news, but she said the book is now in the face every day in addition to broadcast news Bieniao also choked nosebleed, broadcast last night that prevented successful, had directed directly into the ad,  tissue paper machine she was anxious to belly daughter shouted: "I hope that good Baby, let mother do not be so painful when Live, does not happen again a similar situation. "Fans have begged her to leave because dismay miscarriage.
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She and her husband Yu Lianquan designer married for 12 years, had accidentally abortion three times, finally by doing this test-tube baby was female, but doctors diagnosed her symptoms of placenta previa, she had said: "I really do not easy pregnancy ~ morning sickness cause sprains waist, nosebleeds every day, spit into his throat bleeding, anemia, cramps early in the morning, cold cough three months ...... no better. "

Last night she was in face book, said: "Since pregnancy nosebleeds almost every day, the doctor said because of pregnancy so that the nasal mucosa thinning, but the nosebleed often countercurrent, so I feel a foreign body sensation throat, coupled with early pregnancy cold not good, every day there are endless sputum sputum mixed nosebleed, red toilet paper always scared others ...... lie down at night even worse, often inexplicable cough woke up unable to sleep. "

This situation even affected her work, the news broadcast last night she was almost nosebleed card to, bulging Nora finally finished, into advertising to drink water to soften but choked, "10-second countdown to back to me, still unable to speak crazy cough, finally he spoke two or not, directed had to cut directly into the ad ....... " Her caudal oppressed nor hurts too sedentary, while sub hip before the oppressed to become lame foot.

User distressed message: "? Cough this, I have heard, I thought how, a little nervous, would like to see Pacifica anchor right into the ad did not expect a change anchor the" fans have also urged her to " ! Leave it after all tissue paper machinethis hard-won child, physical discomfort will affect the mood will affect the baby's health, "but also for her chief shouted:" Eastern senior Please leave of absence yeah ...... ...... very sad that we will continue to lock Eastern drop !! "