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3-year-old girl suffering from pica toilet paper tissue paper machine newspapers into food
3-year-old Angela (a pseudonym), who lives in South Gate District, Changchun City,  tissue paper machine the child suddenly appeared in recent months, a quirk that is very much like "eat paper." Whether in the living room of newspapers, magazines or toilet paper in the bathroom, as long as Angela saw her and from his mouth will be torn. Children unusual move your family very worried, the doctor said Angela eat paper is not because a lack of trace elements in the body, but suffering from a "pica", parents must help guide their children as soon as possible and get rid of this quirk.
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"It's four months, both on the living room of newspapers, magazines, or on the bathroom toilet paper, even on the study of stationery daughters have become targets. This child will you see torn paper products into his mouth, stopped all no stopping. "Ms. Wu said.

Ms. Wu told reporters that at first she thought the child was felt that these paper products was pretty fun to do, but later found that eating paper has become a quirk daughter. Then Ms. Wu learned through friends, children eat paper probably because the lack of trace elements in the body, tissue paper machine  so the children just by eating paper to supplement. "I do not know the child in the end what is missing, so I took her to the hospital." Ms. Wu said.