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3 year old girl killed when his biscuit machine hand upon her biscuits
No time to fear, just want to get through the cabin with the fastest speed channel, sending bodies of the victims. 7, participate in the "Star of the East" Hubei fire brigade rescue work, told reporters after the wreck were about to  biscuit machine emerge into the cabin to get through the experience of searching for channels.

June 5, capsized five days of "Eastern Star" resurfaced. That evening, Hubei Province Public Security Fire Department mobilized more than 60 fire officers and soldiers in batches into the hull to rescue clean up, biscuit machine search and rescue.

"Her hand still holds a bag of cookies." Memories found 3-year-old girl through the cabin on the 4th floor, warrior Zhao Xiaoming began to cry. He told reporters that the girl was flanked by an old man, bending the body, it seems to want to protect the little girl in his arms.

See this scene, repressed grief in the hearts no longer control, site search and rescue personnel tears burst. This body will no longer bear little trace of injury, Zhao Xiaoming and his comrades with both hands and gently lifted her carefully sent cabin.

428 cabins, nine victims' remains were found here. Originally the room can only accommodate 4 people, why there are so many corpses? "Maybe they are friends, relatives, are gathered here." A soldier told reporters, each one of the victims was found, he could not help but imagine the moment disaster strikes the scene here.

Hubei Province Public Security Fire Corps Combat Training Department  biscuit machine Director Wang Mou Gang, has nearly 20 years of military age, shipwreck search and rescue became his most reluctant to recall the rescue operations. He said, "A lot of soldiers while rescue while tears."