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1 box of mango 24.5 kg tissue paper machine 2.4 kg built toilet paper

Chow reflect hotline call the morning, his 8 yuan / kg price bought a total weight of 24.5 kg box of mango, when he came home after the cardboard boxes wrapped in toilet paper removed mango,  tissue paper machine   mango only 21 pounds. It made him very depressed, "I spent 195 yuan mango money, and yet there are nearly 30 dollars to buy these toilet paper and carton, which is a bit too much of it!"

Buy a box of mango more than 2 pounds of toilet paper

0900 30 minutes yesterday morning, reporters saw at home Chow Chow has taken the mango in the box, and the box sitting on a pile of toilet paper wrapped in mango. Hand feels, toilet paper still damp. Chow in front of reporters in the face of toilet paper weighing result, in addition to 1 kg of multiple cartons, toilet paper, there is only 2.4 kg.
 tissue paper machine
Chow told reporters that this case mango is a vendor at the afternoon before he bought near Hexi Road Kui, said the mango was looking casual quality is not very good, he bought a box full of mangoes. "Traders after opening the carton top layer of cover I looked pretty good, did not find that there is also hidden so much toilet paper, so they FCL bought back, I did not expect to come home one open box, which turned out to be so also tuck more damp toilet paper. "looking at a place of toilet paper, Mr. Zhou was very angry," This is too much of it, it can actually be sold for eight dollars a pound toilet paper too! "

Subsequently, the reporter to follow Mr. Zhou Kui Hexi Road came home to find that vendors. Stall holders told reporters, buy FCL mango 8 yuan a pound, if the retail, then, will 9.5-10 yuan / kg. Chow buy FCL, so in accordance with 8 yuan / kg, which has the package is normal, when they purchase, too, toilet paper nor is he to go into.

Toilet paper Useful: anti-collision ripening

To further understand the situation, yesterday 10:20 Xu, reporters came to Xuzhou agricultural products wholesale market. Before wholesale mango booth, the reporter saw several mango wholesalers are removing just shipped to the FCL mango from the truck. When the reporter randomly selected open and found a box of mango, the box also has a lot of toilet paper.

"Now mango packaging excessive packaging case does exist, but with toilet paper packaging mango are common approaches on the market today, but these packages are also in the place of origin on completion." Xuzhou agricultural wholesale fruit market segments, the official told reporters with toilet paper packaging mangoes have two main functions, first, because most of these mangoes from Hainan, long-distance transport, in order to prevent collisions with toilet paper in the carton mango apart, play a protective role; Second, mango and banana Like, in order to transit is not bad, all in green, when that is not ripe when picked, but transported to the north, because of the weather, it may be in the absence of mango cooked situation is bad, usually will be on the box contains ripening agent (lime) for tropical fruits ripening, the principle is the heat generated by lime mango mature so, so that the fruit is harmless, safe to eat. Mangoes are ripening method is to put on paper, then wrap well with two layers of lime, mainly to allow the mango is not contaminated.

Buy mango to distinguish between gross and net weight

"This one 'ripening agent', one on the box of mango, mango a day or two can be listed to sell it, which is why the package of paper." The official said, however, there are businesses that ground, Fill a large number of Cypriots to increase the weight of toilet paper, to remind the public to say hello before the whole case mango prices.

"FCL mango is denominated in accordance with the gross weight, so the unit price would be cheaper, and scattered mango is known as net weight, the unit price will be slightly higher, the public before making a purchase,   tissue paper machine  be sure to talk about the seller, asked to understand it is in accordance with NW count the money, or count the money in accordance with FCL weight in order to prevent a disadvantage. "The official said.