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  CLIMA (China Light Insdustry Machinery Association) was officially founded on 1989 under the approval of State Economic and Trade Committee. We are the executive trading company of CLIMA and we have been working on import, export and overseas project for many years.

  At CLIMA we believe that everyone aspires to success. Our mission is to help businessmen around the world realize that aspiration and achieve their goals. We hold a suitable experience, knowledge and skills as well as the ability to hear and thoroughly understand our customers's needs. That allows us to be reliable partner that can optimally suit practical solutions to their needs.

About CLIMA tissue paper making machine

  CLIMA Tissue paper making machine is professionally designed. The tissue paper making machine uses materials such as virgin pulp sheet or sorted waste paper, to make high quality fibre tissue paper, such as, facial tissue, toilet tissue, napkins, etc. It is a satisfactory high return investment for the entrepreneurs or investors who want a stable and consistent business from tissue paper making machine.

  The whole tissue paper making machine is comprised of stock preparation section , slurry pulping and tissue making section , water treatment section , cutting & packing section , steam boiler for heating tissue paper plant, etc.